The Yankee and Cowboy War: Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate

The Yankee and Cowboy War: Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate

by Carl Oglesby

  • Language: English
  • Category: Politics
  • Rating: 3.86
  • Pages: 355
  • Publish Date: January 1st 1976 by Sheed Andrews and McMeel
  • Isbn10: 0836206800
  • Isbn13: 9780836206807

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(Later in the book, Oglesby returns to that period where Jack Ruby gets his start as a messenger boy for Al Capone in Chicago.) The whole Bay of Pigs thing ... And that it gets out that the whole, this is all involved in the Cuban thing, that it's a fiasco, and it's going to make the FB, ah CIA look bad, it's going to make Hunt look bad, and it's likely to blow the whole, uh, Bay of Pigs thing which we think would be very unfortunate for CIA and for the country at this time, and for American foreign policy, and he just better tough it and lay it on them. Oglesby they spends time laying out the now well known history of the failed Bay of Pigs operations. In many ways, the Yankee Cowboy War is about what Nixon meant in the above tape which directly follows the more famous excerpt that proved Nixon's involvement in the coverup and forced him to resign. Then, having won the election and taken over the Nixon plans, Kennedy failed to send in the planes or approve the CIA hit on Castro. Oglesby suggests that Kennedy was killed because of his principled refusal to support right wing counter revolution in Cuba. George Ball, laid it all out in 1947 in the Long Memo, his famous coded telex sent from the US embassy in Moscow which analyzed Russian history and essential said that Communism really changed nothing, that Russia would follow its national interests which had not changed since Czarist times. Ten days before the assassination, Kennedy told Wayne Morse of Oregon, (the only Senate heavyweight to stand against involvement from the beginning) "Wayne, I want you to know you are absolutely right in your criticism of my Vietnam policy. We all know that before Watergate, Hunt and Cubans tried and failed to break into the safe of Las Vegas Sun publisher, and former Bugsy Siegel associate Hank Greenspun. Oglesby thinks that Howard Hughes' former high level assistant Robert Maheu, (a former FBI and CIA man) had hidden something there. It is a long and complicated story, that perhaps is best simply explained as Yankee banks trying to take over Cowboy Howard's personal property - in this case TWA. Hughes tried to use his money to buy anybody who could help him overturn court judgments that were bleeding him of money and power, people like Nixon (through his hapless brother Donald) or Democrats (such as Larry O'Brien, former Chairman of the Party and then future Commissioner of the NBA). But Oglesby makes a good circumstantial case - guess more than case - that the safe contained evidence that linked Nixon to some of the shadier aspects of the Bay of Pigs (such as the use of the Mob as a hit squad) and to later actions, which these teams (Hunt and the Cubans and others) might have performed. Ruby did testify under questioning several times for many hours before Chief Justice Warren and Congressman Gerald Ford and the rest of the Commission. When he asked to be moved to Washington away from Dallas they change the subject - he asked them "Am I boring you?" Several times he says directly, that he killed Kennedy. P. 130 "...they already have me as the accused assassin of our beloved President." The commission must have given him a blank look as this new idea tried to register: Ruby shot Kennedy? I think I can say to you that there has been no witness before this commission out of the hundreds we have questioned who has claimed to have any personal knowledge that you were a party to any conspiracy to kill our President. WARREN: ...if any witness should testify before the Commission that you were, to their knowledge, a party to any conspiracy to assassinate the President, I assure you that we will give you the opportunity to deny it and take any tests you may desire to so disprove it. It goes on like that, with Ruby playing Cat & Mouse and the Commission pushing him away from the implications of what he is saying. If you want 'proof ' of a conspiracy by the government to hide the truth about the assassination, you need look no further than the Ruby transcripts. The Cubans, Hunt and Liddy have already tried to get into Greenspun's safe in Las Vegas. Now they went into the Watergate complex and tried to break into Larry O'Brien safe in the Democratic Headquarters but are caught because James McCord left a piece of door tape visible. The cover story was he was a former FBI and CIA employee, how retired after an undistinguished career, who formed a security company and was hired by CREEP (Even evil fictional organizations - CHAOS and SPECTRE - don't come close to encompassing the underlying meaning of the "Committee to REElect the President"). Oglesby research reveals that McCord was, even before Kennedy was President, one of the greatest American spies of the twentieth Century. In 1962 McCord became a CIA senior security officer in Europe, working closely with MI5. Oglesby's theory is that McCord - a Yankee trying to protect the integrity of the American Intelligence establishment outed the Plumbers so that it would not be blamed on the CIA and that it would get rid of Nixon in the bargain. Oglesby has McCord not only working the operation - he ran it, ordering actions of the CIA Director (Helms), planning the next moves.

Oglesby, in no uncertain terms, explains how every federal agency had leadership that owed its position to one faction or the other, and that certain agencies, such as the CIA, were split between the old-guard Atlanticist intelligence-gathering divisions, and the new-wave Cowboy, swashbuckling, filibustering, adventurist operations divisions. He inherited the CIAs plan for the 1961 invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigsarranged by Richard Nixon while the latter was still VPby right-wing anti-Castro Cubans led by a force of CIA operations personnel. He withheld air and other military support from the Bay of Pigs operation, threatened to split the CIA into a thousand pieces, fired many of the CIAs leading lights, negotiated with the USSR to end the 1962 Cuban missile crisis without a second US invasion of that island, installed a US-USSR hot line in the White House, withdrew NATO missiles from Turkey as a condition of the missile crisis settlement, agreed not to invade Cuba or overthrow Castro, and made back-channel overtures to Castro to normalize relations with Cuba (while, at the same time, his brother, US Atty General RFK, continued to maneuver Castros overthrow), thus earning the lifelong enmity of anti-Castro Cubans, CIA operations personnel, and many within the military. JFK angered the Sicilian and Corsican Mafiosi and the Lansky-Giancana-Trafficante-Marcello factions of the US criminal syndicatewhich were ostensibly part of the Cowboy coalition by virtue of their alliances with the OSS operations division during WWII, their retention by the CIA as assassins and couriers in Central America, the existence of their strongholds in several southern US cities, and their deep connections with pre-Castro Cuban gambling and drug-runningby unleashing RFK to prosecute many of their highest-ranking members despite the fact that the Giancana-controlled Chicago mob essentially stole the election in Illinois for JFK in 1960. Edgar Hoover, despite the fact that he was nominally subordinate to RFK, despised JFK even for the latters lukewarm embrace of civil rights legislation, had plenty of sexual dirt on JFK to use for political blackmail, and was one of LBJs BFFs. Oglesby thus posits a conspiracy between certain elements of the CIA, the military, and defense intelligence, using both US and Corsican mob hitmen, as well as CIA and anti-Castro Cuban elements to operationalize the assassination, all for the purpose of installing LBJ in the White House so that Cuba could be reinvaded, Castro overthrown, escalation of miliary operations in Vietnam would supersede withdrawal, prosecutions of mobsters and corrupt union officials would cease or be scaled back, the oil industry would be favored, the Cold War would continue unabated, etc., etc. Perhaps most fascinating, however, is that Oglesby concludes that the Watergate burglary, and subsequent cover-up, was a set-up job by pro-Yankee, ex-CIA agent James McCord to sucker his team of anti-Castro Cuban Bay of Pigs veterans (Sturgis, Martinez, Gonzalez) and their American supporters (E. Some say that DNC chair Larry OBrien, an old Kennedy hand who later became commissioner of the NBA, had information linking Nixon and Bay of Pigs vets to the JFK assassination.

Published back in 1976 and as Norman Mailer wrote in his review , "a most readable book on conspiracies and assassinations." Oglesby's political theory propounds a dark, hidden struggle to rule, between rival factions of Yankee (Northeastern powers) and Cowboy (Southwestern powers).