Unlawful Contact

Unlawful Contact

by Pamela Clare

Journalist Sophie Alton is investigating the disappearance of a young mother named Megan, recently paroled and now running from the law with her baby daughter.

But the heat and hunger of his touch still lingers in her mind--and on her body--after all this time.Together they will follow a dangerous trail, as people on both sides of the law do everything they can to keep Sophie and Mark from finding Megan--and a shocking truth about the past...

  • Series: I-Team
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 4.30
  • Pages: 375
  • Publish Date: April 1st 2008 by Berkley Sensation
  • Isbn10: 0425217620
  • Isbn13: 9780425217627

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So to wrap that up I loved everything about this book!

Then, when Im certain theres no way she can beat Hard Evidence, I read Unlawful Contact and found myself literally sitting on the edge of my seat, unable to put it down, and staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it yet not wanting it to end. In one of the sweetest, sexiest prologues of any book Ive ever read, Sophie Alton and Hunt spent one unforgettable night together, 12 years before this story begins, knowing it would probably be the last time theyd ever see each other. Hunt left the following morning to begin his stint in the Army and as the years wore on, Sophie went on to become an investigative reporter, ultimately ending up at the Denver Independent as a member of their elite I-Team. As the book blurb tells us, our heroine, Sophie is investigating the disappearance of a young mother, Megan, who was recently paroled, and at a time when her life was finally taking a turn for the better, she inexplicably takes off with her daughter, Emily, and is running from the law. Well, the answer is that not only is Ms. Clare a bestselling author, shes an investigative journalist and the fictional stories we read about in her books, arent quite as fictional as we might think. Heres what I mean Ms. Clare, during her years as an investigative reporter, actually spent some time in a womens jail to get a feel for what it was like behind bars. In January of 2010, she went to the Denver Womens Correctional Facility to interview inmates who were either pregnant or who had recently given birth and the following month wrote up an article with new information and updated statistics. However, this lawmaker knew nothing about the issue, so she asked Ms. Clare to write the law, which she did, followed by weeks of hearings in the House and Senate in which she testified three times, with the bill finally passing in June, 2010 with only a single no vote. My purpose in sharing this information is to point out how seriously Ms. Clare takes her job as a journalist and to show how much work and firsthand experience goes into her novels. Each book of this series is just as detailed and accurate, her information having come from hours upon hours of research and hands on investigation, which give a unique perspective and authenticity to her stories we dont often find in fictional, romantic suspense novels.

- Also reviewed at: Lady Jayne's Reading Den Ive been trying to read Surrender by Pamela Clare, but Marc Hunter keeps telling me he wants his day in Courtso, here goesI hope I can do him justice!! THE PEOPLE OF ROMANCELANDIA v PAMELA CLARE 2010 SCRR 6996 (31 October 2010) SUPREME COURT OF ROMANCELANDIA UNLAWFUL CONTACT Judgment of the Honourable Justice Isabith McHardup Accused: Pamela Clare Complainant: Lady Jayne CHARGES: Charge 1: Causing addiction to a book series through grippingly suspenseful, sensual, emotional, engaging, and thought-provoking writing. Charge 3: Causing risk to personal safety by writing scenes which induce heart palpitations, breathlessness, sudden swooning, hot flashes and the melting of panties. THE EVIDENCE: CHARGE 1 - Causing addiction to a book series through grippingly suspenseful, sensual, emotional, engaging, and thought-provoking writing. On 3rd October 2010, the complainant began reading the I-Team series, starting off with Extreme Exposure and then Hard Evidence. On 14th October 2010, the complainant had intended to read one of her library books with the looming deadlines, next, but found she just had to read Unlawful Contact, the 3rd book in the series. The complainant testified to constantly daydreaming of Reece Sheridan, Julian Darcangelo, and now, Marc Hunter, who she stated could perhaps be her FAVOURITE I-Team hero yet, while whispering, But please dont tell Reece!! The complainant testified: Marc Hunter is so tortured, protective, HOT, loyal, sexy, anguished, sweet, SO HAWT, and honourable. The Prosecution presented the following images of Marc Hunter into evidence. CHARGE 3 - Risk to personal safety by writing scenes which induce heart palpitations, breathlessness, sudden swooning, hot flashes and the melting of panties. And a man like Marc Hunter to trulyappreciate it! *RAWR!!!* EXHIBIT E: The Ray Bans Even as a man on the run, Marc Hunter ROCKS it!! *wink* _ In light of the serious state of the complainants addiction, this Court is recommending a mandatory treatment of MORE Pamela Clare books! In case this judgment has not made it clear, UNLAWFUL CONTACT AND THE ENTIRE I-TEAM SERIES IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

There were two main things that made this book stand out to me one: unlike the first two books where the investigative topics (environment & sex trafficking) were well-researched additions to their stories yet lacking an emotional impact to tie in with the romance the topic explored in this book (prison/correctional facility quality) was an aspect that overwhelmed me with feels, mainly because throughout the course of the book, both the heroine and hero have personal experiences that tie in with this topic and in turn, makes me feel their suffering and pain, especially the hero Marc Hunter. I know I always say that this author creates the most honorable heroes but its the truth :) The heroine Sophie was someone I liked from the start. While Marcs a new character, Sophie isnt, and the times I saw her in the first two books made me curious about her. The other thing that made this book stand out was the romance Marc and Sophie had a history together before present day where shit hit the fan. I especially felt a ton of feelings when Marc brokenly told his prison experiences this isnt my first time re-reading this book but somehow I always tear up at these scenes. It also never ceases to amaze me just how well-researched and in-depth this authors stories are, especially this book. When I read this book for the very first time I remember thinking to myself, how does she do it? Now 3 years later and all her books under my belt my first observation is that Pamela Clare is one of the very, very few authors who consistently delivers well-developed, gripping stories in both romantic suspense and historical romance.

The problem for me, is that sometimes less is more when it comes to detailed sex scenes, and the first one was enough to carry most of the book, especially considering their situation. But, the cheesy quotes got so out of control, I was cracking up over them, there's just no way I can take this seriously, "She exhaled in a shuddering cry, coming against his mouth in a gush of hot nectar, her body shaking with pleasure." "He palmed her breasts, teased the rosy velvet of her nipples, drinking in the flood of warm honey that was her body's response." "And she was burning, her skin now so sensitive that no matter where he touched her, his mouth felt like fire, a river of hot cream flowing between her legs." "She did as he asked, exposing her soft inner thighs and the red gold curls of her muff, opening for him like an exotic tropical flower, rosy and sweet." I have accepted that romance authors tend to write how wet and tight someone is, it can't be avoided.

I've read this book in paperback and ebook, many times, and now I listened to it on audio!! Remember the part where Marc "re-connects" with Sophie and he says... It was good when I first read it and now imagine some guy reading this to you in a deep, breathy, sultry, sexy voice! Kaleo Griffith really nailed the guys in this series!! Bottom line, Unlawful Contact is my favorite in the series, because Marc Hunter is my favorite I-Team hero.

..But I may love Marc Hunter more. His piercing green-eyed stare, that killer sense of humor and the fact that he knows how to handle a gun may just trump that sucky-swirly thing you do with your tongue. Each new instalment in the I-Teams series is better than the first and I know I said I wanted Julians babies in my last review, but I am considering having Marcs now. Marc Hunter has lived through hell. One of the best things I loved about him was the fact that he had honor. What both Hunt and Sophie experience in this book, is both gut-wrenching and heartfelt because even during the toughest of times, they find salvation within each other. This book has officially become one of my all-time favourites because I will never be the same after reading this.

Meet Marc "Hunt" Hunter: The resident bad boy who everyone knows will end up in jail, Hunt believes Sophie to be the prettiest girl in school, but never approaches her because he thinks there's not way he stands a chance with someone as sweet and smart as her. Sophie's a very successful reporter and Hunt is, as predicted, in prison. I liked Sophie and Hunt's story from the very beginning. Dont let go of Sophie. Their relationship represents love at its best and it was thoroughly engrossing watching it develop from a teenage crush to an obsession to unadulterated lust to the point where Sophie helped Marc heal and get over his traumatic past.

The case leads her to interview Megans brother, Marc Hunter, who is serving a life sentence in maximum prison for murder, but her search for the truth turns dangerous when Marc takes Sophie hostage in a desperate attempt to escape in order to find and help his sister. Marc has spent the past six years serving hard time in prison, which is where most people expected him to end up, except for the one person who saw more to him than just the town bad boy.

A single mother with two grown sons and two cats, she writes historical romance and contemporary romantic suspense within view of Colorados beautiful Rocky Mountains.