The All-Soul's Faire

The All-Soul's Faire

by Kristy Tallman

A goat's head staring back at Detective Cole Bryant from within the bowels of his latest victim sets forth a string of unnatural deaths among the teenagers that live in the shadow of the cursed North Mountain. Trying to solve the case only brings Cole closer to dark side where temptation, sex and sinful ways lure him into the world of a family whose backwoods morals aren't simply a symptom of a forgotten age in time but the consequence of a centuries old pact made with the devil himself.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Horror
  • Rating: 3.05
  • Pages: 324
  • Publish Date: October 31st 2006 by Ferrell Tallman Publishing, Inc.
  • Isbn10: 0974794120
  • Isbn13: 9780974794129

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I took off my reviews, Kristy, because you were upset. This was my original: Since I noticed author of this book has already reviewed it on goodreads, I just can't bring myself to do anything but give it a star reivew.

If you can never get enough horror, crave a thick Virginia drawl, and aren't too picky with how a book's been edited, Kristy Tallman's "The All-Soul's Faire" might be for you. No matter how many times characters explain to the protagonist that their small town just accepts the inexplicable, nor how much back-story is brought to bear, too many excuses fell flat for me. I was almost there when I got the eerie feeling that someone was following me." If this all sounds like your bit of shine, then pick up Kristy Tallman's "The All-Soul's Faire"

It kept my attention and the story was an easy read. She has all the old stories and myths of North Mountain, which she is more then willing to tell. You wonder once you have met the man is he who he says he is? Then you have to wonder why it is that Ms. Ryder really doesn't have anything nice to say about the man. Why would such a lovely old lady have something against a man who likes to be left alone to make his Moonshine.

The only thing that Cole hears are rumors surrounding the Hicks family and their bizarre lifestyle - a lifestyle he gains firsthand knowledge of and even though he knows better has a hard time letting go of. Let me first say that Kristy Tallman has hit a chord in me that not too many authors do. My family is originally from the area the book is written about and from time spent visiting in the summers and living there for two years just watching the people you begin to almost transform into the folks you come to love and admire for their true personalities. I would have to say many of the authors in the horror industry tend to get the cold shoulder simply because the market is saturated with other genres to the point there is little if any shelf space provided for them in bookstores. There are always several books in the works for me but right now the only one I will divulge is the sequel to The All-Soul's Faire due to be released on October 31, 2008. I always say though when I tire of writing or find the free time I will get back to my art and my photography work.

The All-Souls Fair is thoroughly and ultimately a read worth a weekends devotion, and youll find that although the tales simplistic at the start, it takes you into darker and more complicated places like digging into the caverns of a deep dark cave and finding riches that become more abundant the deeper you go, like in Coles journey, both outward and inward, and like Kristys mind itself like the mind of a storyteller who will one day soon have us all swimming in a moonshine sea concocted by a talented bestselling name.

You will feel the fear of Detective Cole Bryant as he is confronted with the mysteries of North mountain. There is a new author to the horror genre and her name is Kristy Tallman.

Tallman invites readers into the world of the Hicks, makes them privy to their deepest, darkest secrets-secrets that are only revealed in the dead of night at The All-Saints Faire.

Tallman's debut novel, The All-Soul's Faire, has received international acclaim, been nominated for prestigious awards and the reviews prove her work is a storm brewing on the horizon of great authors. Tallman intends to extend her notoriety even further this coming year through her attendance at the World Horror Convention, DragonCon 2008 and several other well-known events, conventions, and signings as she continues The All-Soul's Faire Tour until Cecil returns befittingly enough in October 2008 and begins her Hells Highway Tour to promote her newest release Crows on the Cross - coming January 2008. Upcoming in 2008, Tallman will also release a co-authored project with horror author Andrea Van Scoyoc Haints in the Hollar A Collection of Short Ghostly Tales based on Southern Mountain Folklore and will release a new collection of her poetry. Tallmans endeavors go further than just writing, she is also a regional representative of the International Order of Horror Professionals and a portion of her proceeds of sales of The All-Souls Faire are donated to the Blue Knights a motorcycle club made up of retired and active police officers who are true unsung heroes in the lives of the people who they assist in times of need.