Jessi and the Troublemaker

Jessi and the Troublemaker

by Ann M. Martin

Danielle's parents are so glad she is home, although still battling leukemia, that they allow the nine-year-old girl to do anything she wants--but she decides to joyride in the family car while Jessi is babysitting for her.

  • Series: The Baby-Sitters Club
  • Language: English
  • Category: Fiction
  • Rating: 3.56
  • Pages: 131
  • Publish Date: February 1st 1995 by Scholastic
  • Isbn10: 0590482262
  • Isbn13: 9780590482264

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in this book by ghostwriter Nola Thacker, danielle (the cancer survivor kid from Jessi's Wish) is back, and she's wilder than ever! in a completely stupid but also hilarious subplot, jessi and becca think that their aunt cecilia is planning a surprise wedding to a guy named mr. I don't know if this is true but it's such a funny bsc book-style "factoid" -it's cold and aunt cecilia tells mr. major he has to go home and jessi narrates, "what about having love to keep her warm, the way the songs all said." -this jessi quote: "we'll probably never hear the end of this. -danielle and friends trick or treat at a bsc meeting at the end of the book. danielle "accidents": -uses rollerblades indoors -"sleds" down the basement stairs on a crib mattress -fills the shower with food coloring-colored water to make a shower swimming pool -attempts to drive the car down the street but crashes, and vanessa pike hits her head on the windshield and gets stitches. And she was wearing a black and yellow striped flannel shirt buttoned up to her throat, with another pair of shoelaces made into a sort of bow tie." squirt outfit (for the "wedding"): -"I scooped Squirt up and put him in his best winter outfit: a white turtleneck shirt and a little navy jacket u that buttoned up the front, with a pair of matching navy elastic-waist baby pants." in jessi's kid kit: -puzzle (replaces a united states one with a butterfly one) -book (replaces one about animal jobs with Bea and Mr. Jones) -office supplies: magic markers, pens, erasers, colored pencils, red white and blue paper clips, blunt scissors, tape, a memo pad, rubber bands, stickers, animal stamps, writing paper, and envelopes in mary anne's kid kit: -Freckle Juice snacks in claudia's room: -chocolate chip cookies (n.s.) -oatmeal raisin frookies (n.s.) -mallomars (n.s.) -pretzels (n.s.) -coconut cream puff (n.s.) -oreos (n.s.) -gummi worms (n.s.) -hershey hugs and kisses (n.s.)

roberts, the mother of danielle, the little girl who has cancer, as introduced to us in jessi's wish. she is good friends with becca, charlotte, vanessa, & haley, so jessi is already aware of all of this & is very happy about it. jessi takes the first job, since she has a special fondness for danielle. jessi doesn't even bother to tell mrs. jessi is just happy to see danielle displaying so much more energy & liveliness. & the kids do manage to get endangered when mary anne spends a little too much time paying attention to danielle's little brother greg & doesn't notice until it's too late that the girls are sledding down the basement stairs on an old crib mattress. roberts gets home...but again decides not to tell mrs. while she's reading stories to greg, who has the flu, danielle & her crew of friends have shut themselves in mr. but the sitters do start talking about how danielle's "high spirits" may be a little too high. roberts & tell her all about danielle's misdeeds, but mrs. roberts laughs them off & tells them that danielle is just making up for lost time with all the hijinks she didn't get to pull while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer. at jessi's next sitting job, danielle again invites her friends over. jessi sees danielle behind the wheel. jessi hauls everyone out of the car (vanessa has bumped her head & is bleeding) while the neighbor calls the police & an ambulance. roberts were just so happy to see danielle feeling better & having lots of energy that they looked the other way when she would get into mischief. stacey takes the next job over there & finds danielle on the phone trying to call her friends. the B-plot is about how jessi's aunt cecelia has a new man friend named mr.

Okay so I realize this is a kids book, but there were a couple major plot holes in this one. So first off, one major aspect of the plot revolved around the girls babysitting for a kid named Danielle, and her little brother. which happens to be the EXACT SAME BIG FREAKING DEAL that they dealt with in the previous book. Maybe theyll tell us what was up with Stacey in an upcoming book.

In this book, eleven year old Jessi Ramsey babysits Danielle. Danielle is a character from a previous book. The babysitters think that Danielle is out of control and wonder whether they should tell her parents. The kid logic was amusing to read, as the kids thought Danielle should be the only one in trouble because it was her idea. So one of the babysitters pointed out what all parents say, which is If your friend jumped off a bridge would you do it too? What I did like was that it was nice to have a character from a previous book return.

Danielle Roberts, the fourth-grader with leukemia introduced in Jessi's Wish, is in remission, back in school and feeling better than ever.

I loved this series growing up and wanted to start my own babysitting business with friends.

After graduating from Smith College, Ann became a teacher and then an editor of children's books. She's now a full-time writer. Sometimes Ann names her characters after people she knows, and other times she simply chooses names that she likes. Some of her favorite authors at that time were Lewis Carroll, P.