Waltzing Australia

Waltzing Australia

by Cynthia Clampitt

Waltzing Australia was born out of a dream-and a journey.

After walking away from her corporate career, Cynthia Clampitt headed to Australia, to start over, to write, and to test the limits of what she could do.

With a writing style reminiscent of Annie Dillard, she captures the essence of the land Down Under and invites others to fall in love with Australia.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Cultural
  • Rating: 4.36
  • Pages: 508
  • Publish Date: June 22nd 2007 by Booksurge Publishing
  • Isbn10: 1419663062
  • Isbn13: 9781419663062

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At least I thought I had been to Australia until reading Cynthia Clampitts Waltzing Australia. Waltzing Australia is Cynthia Clampitts record of a long trip she took to the worlds largest island, the driest continent the only nation that is a continent. This book is not your normal travel story First of all Cynthia didnt go to Australia for vacation. When reading Waltzing Australia I got the distinct feeling that Cynthia Clampitt and I have lots in common. Cynthia started with Australia out of college. And of all the enchanting places that I have been, whether I lived there or only visited, I share the sentiment of the bittersweet description Cynthia Clampitt gave of leaving Australia.

Waltzing Australia takes the reader on a guided journey through many places in the outback country. I am having him read this journey/book also so that he can feel as if he were almost there. So if you ever thought you would want to go to Australia, read this book and go along as the author does throughout many places. The story or journey as it feels is becomes also my dream to one day see and experience all that Australia has to offer.

Bits and pieces of the history of Australia are incorporated into the journey and add significantly to the adventure. As the journey came to an end, the reader cant help but feel sad that the adventure is over. As the tale comes to an end, the reader is left with the need to learn more about Australia.

She experienced as much as she could in those 6 months and turned those experiences into, "Waltzing Australia", one of the best travel books I have ever read. Either way, this beautifully written book that will have you planning a first trip or a return visit in no time!

First, this was no travelogue - it's an intense love story between an American city-dweller and the vast continent of Australia. Each page is overflowing with adventures, and we get to meet each city, animal, plant, and person along with Cynthia as if we're right there with her.

Waltzing Australia By Cynthia Clampitt BookSurge ISBN: 1419663062 497 Pages As I sped over the soft earth, the wind in my face, the colors crowding in around me, I felt fleeter and freer than I can ever remember. You could read Waltzing Australia by Cynthia Clampitt and thoroughly enjoy a great travel book. I personally would visit Tasmania more often since Cynthia immediately captured me through the stories of her travels there. But if I told you only about traveling through Australia, you would not be prepared and perhaps not realize until it is later in the book, that there is a very personal story being told. There is little that Cynthia writes about herself, but when she does add those personal comments, such as the one quoted above, I urge you to stop and consider those words about your own lifeCan we say that we experience the liberating quality of joy? This lengthy journey covers approximately 20,000 miles as Cynthia toured Australia. The book has been easily divided into parts of the country so that you can hone in on that section if you are fortunate to have a few weeks to travel to a specific spot. To give you a taste, Ill share with you just some of the details that show the variety of information and that were especially interesting to me: Nearly everybody knows the old song about the Kookaburra. I love the Australia that I read about in Waltzing Australia by Cynthia Clampitt.

Like my previous book, Midwest Maize, Pigs is also a food history. The blog listed below is the one I created for Waltzing Australia, and it continues to feature information and insights into Australia, as well as sharing adventures from return trips. I also have a blog titled The World's Fare (http://www.theworldsfare.org) for food history, food trivia, and travel to places other than Australia and the Midwest (37 countries and counting, so a fair bit of information there, as well).