Marriage on the Rebound

Marriage on the Rebound

by Michelle Reid

Read this classic, passionate romance from USA Today bestselling author Michelle Reid, now available for the first time in e-book!Jilted at the altar!Shaan Saketa has heard the words before but never thought they would apply to her.

Suddenly she finds herself married to the wrong man and whisked away on a honeymoon!Rafe has always suspected that there was more to his mousy secretary than meets the eye, and hes right.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Category Romance
  • Rating: 3.85
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: June 24th 1998 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 0373119739
  • Isbn13: 9780373119738

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And the person who delivers the news is the man who thought Shaan was unsuitable as his brother's bride, Rafe Danvers. Rafe is one of those heroes that comes off as slightly domineering, but for some reason it works. But now is the time for Rafe to show he is the right man for Shaan. Shaan ends up seeing Rafe making goo goo eyes at Madeline, the woman that Piers jilts her for. Although he's a good few years older than Shaan, I think he is the right man for her.

Ostensibly the H and h are to marry in order to help the h save face after being publicly humiliated, but the way the H announces it and plays it off to both her friends and family and the tabloid press, the h just comes off looking like a gold digging tart. The h is gradually working through the grieving process of learning that the man she thought she loved is not the man he turned out to be, while also becoming more aware of the H on the purple passion lurve force mojo level. Tho once again she is mocked by the H because she protests lurve club events done in the name of lust, then she is berated because she does respond and the H tells her she should be thinking more of her love for his brother. So the h becomes convinced that the H is in love with his little brother's girl and that he too is using the h to save face. (After the H and h have a fight when she runs off with an American tour group for the mandatory HP travelogue afternoon and when the H wants to drag her to another boring dinner meeting, the h seduces him in the elevator to get him to change his mind.) Eventually we all go back to London and there is more purple passion and a lecture from the h's pretty blunt BFF. The little slime pustule insists that the H went to him the morning of the abandoned wedding and begged him to run off with his first flame because the H was too in love with the h to give her up. Little slime slurper and MR want us to believe the H has been in love since he first met the h, after one of his executives bowled her over in the hallway at work and he helped her back up. (The nematode brother insists that everybody but the h knows it and have had themselves a good laugh about it.) That statement is enough of an excuse for the h, who can now fool herself that her lust for the H is really true love. Continuing on in the h's new manipulative sex kitten antics, the h goes back to the H and they make some mutual love noises after the H asks if his little brother explained everything okay. Then there is the fact that the naive h was grooming unicorns, tho she did have some passionate kisses with the nematode little brother during their courtship. Plus, the h's willingness to let her personal belief that sex should be practiced with caring and love be set aside in the face of the H's angry insistence that of a lot of excellent purple passion moments makes everything okay doesn't auger well for future staying power or integrity.

Second Reading: Another jilted story with the grooms brother picking up the pieces. Its apparent from the very beginning that the hero is crazy in love with the heroine and that something was fishy with the brother. The hero begged him to jilt the heroine knowing how he felt about the other girl he had on a string who he was scheduled to marry later that afternoon.

Definetily, this is a book I won't re-read again! While I was reading this book: The first half of the book...

Heroine is technically a virgin but she had passionate interludes with her fiancé, the Heros brother and begged him to make love to her before the marriage so it was clear she enjoyed some physical intimacy with him. This should have raised the gag factor but Reid salvages it by making Piers, the brother, the bad guy from the first page as he dumps the heroine at the altar in favour of his ex-girlfriend.

she turned into a total sex kitten, which was actually awesome. This is what I like to see: a heroine just taking utterly shameless advantage of her sexual power over the helpless-in-her-thrall Hero. You had to like Rafe from the start, because domineering pushy bossypants that he is, it's still obvious from the very first that he's eating his heart out for her, and he's not the cruel type of Alpha.

4.5 stars I loved it when Rafe swooped in like a knight in shining armor to save the day and help Shaan recover after being jilted.

It is the heroine Shaan's wedding day, but instead of being newly married she is in emotional termoil after he would-be- brother-in-law Rafe, the hero, tells her that her fiance has left with other woman. Shaan has always thought that Rafe disapproved of her, but he makes a good case for them both marrying in order to save face and for companionship. After they marry, Rafe takes Shaan to Hong Kong, their getting to know one another is tumultuous at best with neither of them knowing what the other one feels.

I wanted to see him go all out and persuade her of his love.

At some point I discovered Mills & Boon Romance books and that was pretty much it for me. So twenty years on and almost forty books on, here I am still writing and still loving it!