The Unfaithful Wife

The Unfaithful Wife

by Lynne Graham

The Marriage Mistake.

Leah's marriage to powerful Greek businessman Nik Andreakis was an empty sham, and she was determined to get a divorce.

But Nik didn't want one.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Category Romance
  • Rating: 3.55
  • Pages: 288
  • Publish Date: 1995 by Mills & Boon
  • Isbn10: 0263145751
  • Isbn13: 9780263145755

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The heroine was a very sheltered 17 when she first meets the 25-year-old hero. So, he blackmails the hero with a family secret to force him to marry her. 1) Both heroines were innocent of Daddy's meddling and thought the hero was marrying them for the right reasons. Nik was angry and that kinda killed his attraction to the heroine (at least for a few years and then he ignored her out of pride). He assumed that if he ignored Leah and she was unhappy with the non-marriage she'd run back to Daddy and ask for a divorce, therefore freeing him from the blackmail scheme. So, Nik basically ignores the heroine for 5 years. Supposedly she didn't want to disappoint her father by asking for a divorce and she didn't know what else to do. I've been blessed with parents who love me unconditionally, so I don't know what that can do to a person, but I do have to wonder how she could just live in limbo for 5 years. It takes some convincing for him to see it, but he finally gets to a point where he thinks she's in love with this other man and he's eaten up alive with jealousy. The heroine is predictably "melty" in that LG sorta way once the giant Greek wiener makes its appearance, but thankfully she's smart enough not to tell Nik that she's not really in love with the other guy and that she's realized she loves him instead. Plus the hero would have had to suffer more :) But, I think he really did see the error of his ways and had specific revelations about how certain actions had affected the heroine. That's a big step for a guy who recently believed it was A-oK for him to have slept around, but his neglected wife of 5 years just better be a virgin OR ELSE. Often all we get is "I love you, come back" on the last two pages with no indication whatsoever that the hero sees what he's done wrong, but the heroine is just so happy to hear the 3 magic words that she doesn't care.

It was like being hit by lightning and when I got over the shock all I wanted to do was run' Arrested by what he was telling her, Leah tried and failed to swallow. I couldn't believe that I could be that powerless,' he admitted harshly. And I swore to myself that you would get nothing that I did not choose to give out of our marriage!'...'We had been married for a couple of years before I began to want you again.' Nik held her startled scrutiny with fierce determination. In the back of my mind you were there, in my house, my wife, I couldn't touch you but nobody else could either. 'But by the time Max died I had already decided that you would stay as my wife and then, when the choosing was mine, it would become a real marriage. He had his fun with as many bimbos he could fit in his life, his pictures with the new bimbo of the moment were regularly featured in various magazines while the good, young , virginal wife was forgotten and living in a glass cage, only allowed to go out with bodyguards.

He isolates the cause of his downfall in a London house surrounded by minders and then proceeds to live it up with every attractive sample of the lady buffet that comes his way. That whipping off of the rosy glasses gives this h a sincere pragmatism that will serve her in good stead for the trainwreck avalanche that is rapidly approaching.) The h, now 23, over the teen lurve surge for the H and looking for a way to get out to her own life, uses a very handy tool used by ladies everywhere in the Western World when they want to end a relationship, but are too polite to do the brush off. The h's father dies in the midst of all of this and the H suddenly decides that with the threat of revealed blackmail seekrits diminished, his wife is pretty hot and he can make his marriage real. Our GG H finally gets the consequences of what five years of flaunting HP lady buffet samples in front of your legal wife will do when he overhears the h on the phone to her little toyboy and the H knows he is sunk. So the H exaggerates the threat of the h's father's blackmail being revealed to the world, throws in some intense roofie kissing melting seduction techniques and also includes a lot of verbal beratement to force the h to stay married to him. The h gets to worry that the H is still in love with his now married ex- which LG assures us by the H's words that he is not and we find out that the H's big seekrit worthy of blackmail is that he was adopted. The H realizes that his attitude isn't helping his cause, so in one the funniest scenes in the book, he gets the h drunk in the limo on the way to his parents and has the driver circle around to try and talk to the h about their relationship. The meeting with the H's family is rather strained, especially after the h learns that the woman she thought was the H's sister is actually his mother and her husband is the H's father. Apparently the couple was a teen love story gone wrong and the mother was forced by her father to give the baby up to them to be raised. The H was also started at the very bottom of the family firm at 14 and he was kept at that all through his teen years. Which ultimately turned out to be a good thing, cause the H worked his way up the ladder and was ready to take over when his adopted father died. So in one way, the h's father's blackmail irked him because he got forced to do something he did not want to do, but in another, it let him catch up on his teen party years - and he now had unlimited income in which to do it. The H also admits he was bowled over by the h as well when they first met, but he wasn't ready to marry, he wanted to do his thing and his rage at the h's father found a nice little object target in the h - who really was a blobfish and just tolerated any type of treatment because of her own childhood isolation. As this is HPlandia and forgiveness is a forgone conclusion by page 2, the h tells the H she still loves him and they decide to go look at the country house together for a pretty believable LG HP HEA.

Nik Andreakis was a man whore who publicly humiliates her for 5 years with floozies left and right because 1) he was blackmailed into marriage, 2) When they married, he thought she was too young to consummate the marriage.

Yes, it's an angsty train wreck.

I was going through a list of Lynne G books that I decided needed to be read again before I would be able to do a review and then this novel cropped up and suddenly I remembered almost everything about it. Leah ( the heroine ) is the daughter of a man who fetters out the secrets of the wealthy and uses it to blackmail them. The heroine had fallen in love with Nik at first sight; the poor thing was merely 17 or 18 years old then and was extremely sheltered by her blackmailing father. Leah's dad then decides to blackmail Nik into marrying his daughter. This poor girl has the worst kind of luck with the men in her life: her dead dad was a professional blackmailer, her husband is an inhabitant of Slutdom and now this new guy has conned her into thinking he loves her. What kind of love can he have felt if it was ok for him to want to revel in the pleasures of Slutdom ? Actually Leah deserved a H like the nice guy sheikh from His Queen By Desert Decree, because the heroine in that one was a termagant.

(view spoiler) That her father had his birth certificate showing his sister was really his mother doesnt seem like blackmail material to me, but then this is LGs story and that is the heros motivation for resenting his marriage even though he says he fell in love at first sight with the heroine.

Lynne married after she completed adegree at Edinburgh University. Lynne always wanted a large family and has five children. In Lynne's home, there is a rich and diverse cultural mix, whichadds a whole extra dimension of interest and discovery to family life. Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collects everything from oldtoys to rock specimens and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.