A Silly Snowy Day

A Silly Snowy Day

by Michael Coleman

As she travels from the duck pond to the hilltop, she finds the other animals agree with her parents - a tortoise out in winter is ridiculous.

And so Shelley decides to return home - and gets there much quicker than a tortoise can normally travel!

  • Language: English
  • Category: Childrens
  • Rating: 3.84
  • Pages: 24
  • Publish Date: January 1st 1996 by Scholastic, Inc.
  • Isbn10: 0439250013
  • Isbn13: 9780439250016

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All of the animals said "A tortoise out in winter? So the duck went "Ha-quack-ha!" And the dog said "Ha-woof-ha!" The cat said "Ha-meow-ha!" The bird said "Ha-cheep-ha!" The illustrations were okay, not really to my liking though. She asked why tortoises sleep for the winter and it was just like a human kid, always questioning things. But I thought a dog would have a better thing to do than running around to stay warm. I guess I thought she would realize her purpose, but crazily enough, she slid on some ice and ended up playing out the actions of all the other animals better than they did. She ended up falling down the hill faster than the dog could run, faster than a cat. Shelley was like "A tortoise out in winter? Ridiculous!" which was supposed to be funny that she used the same line everyone had been using on her, but she should have been honest and said she had gone outside and experienced winter like she'd wanted to, and she survived. And her strength ended up being something totally random that turtles aren't known for, it's not an ability they have, and no one would expect...for them to use their shell to break through ice so they can get into a home they wouldn't even have in the first place.

The story is good for talking about animals, their characteristics, different habits that they survive in and about why some animals hibernate during the winter.

Near the end of her journey, once all the other animals have laughed at Shelley and told her repeatedly how ridiculous it is for a tortoise to be out in winter Shelley becomes upset and falls down a hill and ends up back at her warm and cosy shed.

It turns out theyre living in someones shed, and there just happens to be three boxes for each tortoise to sleep in. The turtle has thoughts, but theyre put in quotations like hes saying them out loud. She hit a patch of ice, and went faster than the dog or cat, and hit a bump and flew like a bird. It was sort of cute to end on the theme thats been in the entire book, with everyone saying ridiculous to a tortoise being outside in winter. I was expecting the tortoise to find her purpose outside, which she sort of did, learning what she could do similar to the other animals in here, and was able to get back at all the animals who made fun of her, but I just expected more out of the ending. Tortoises don't belong out in winter, and she discovered that, but I thought she'd end up finding a purpose or find she could go outside in the winter and would enjoy it. She was also cute when she came busting into the shed at the end.

Shelley, is a young tortoise who doesnt wish to hibernate like her parents. Shelley comes to a realisation that she cant do all these things, and throughout whenever these animals meet her they all say A tortoise out in winter?...Ridiculous! Shelley on realising that she cant do any of these things feels cold and miserable, she remembers the shed and how warm it is and how A tortoise out in winter is ridiculous! The book is informative in that it gives small facts to why tortoises hibernate for example, because its cold outside and there is no food and of course Shelley learns herself why tortoises arent suited for the winter.

Preschool age children love to learn new 'big' words and A Silly Snowy Day offers them one, 'ridiculous'.

As said by Coleman himself "My information series Foul Football tries to convey some of the magic I felt about the game of soccer by relating the weird and wonderful history of the game and the personalities it has seen over the years. On the fiction side, my series about a junior soccer team called Angels FC tries to bring out the humour and sheer fun that youll find at the heart of the game when its played by youngsters who dont even know how to spell the word cynicism." Coleman had his first childrens book published when he was 46 years of age. Eighty books later, I'm still doing it...I write both fact and fiction.