In Darkness Reborn

In Darkness Reborn

by Alexis Morgan

Alexis Morgan continues her red-hot paranormal series with a mysterious warrior and his forbidden love for a woman who's allegiance lies with his sworn enemy.

. Once a warrior for the Others, Barak q'Young is caught between two worlds -- exiled from his homeland, and a pariah among his enemies, the Paladins.

While hunting a betrayer who's selling the precious blue gems that light the Others' world, Barak must aid geologist Lacey Sebastian in her research for the Paladins.

Barak is instantly drawn to the fiery, beautiful woman, but Lacey initially despises the enemy intruder.

  • Series: Paladins of Darkness
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 4.17
  • Pages: 356
  • Publish Date: June 26th 2007 by Pocket Star
  • Isbn10: 1416546588
  • Isbn13: 9781416546580

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I have to say, Alexis Morgan's Paladins of Darkness series is really starting to grow on me. I had some critical issues with the first two books, Dark Protector and Dark Defender, that kept them from being truly stellar reading experiences for me (I liked both, but I didn't love them and rated each three stars)...and in truth, I thought there were a few in this book as well, but Barak's story is by far my favorite of the first three books. Barak, the Other who saved the handler Laurel's life in Dark Protector, is having a lonely, difficult time adjusting to life on this side of the barrier, especially as he's well aware of how deeply his presence breeds resentment and anger in the Paladins around him. Having the Other forced on her doesn't do anything to please geologist and vulcanologist Dr. Lacey Sebastian, especially as her brother Penn is a Paladin and she's been raised to loathe the species responsible for so much death and destruction. But Barak is Other, and as much as he chose to cross the barrier, he cannot risk sharing secrets that would make it easier for the Paladins to kill his kind, no matter how attracted to Lacey he becomes...and how very much just not being so alone any more means to him. I'm still very confused and don't quite buy the way that Barak has been accepted - no matter how reluctantly everyone says it is - into the Paladin's stronghold and be allowed to walk around relatively unmolested. That being said, Barak's story - Barak as a character, actually - struck such a sympathetic chord with me that all the issues and the previous plot holes and contradictions didn't seem quite so glaring in In Darkness Reborn. I found him to be a very sympathetic and deeply honorable character, and I found a lot of poignancy and relevancy to his struggles as his and Lacey's relationship started to evolve. Regardless, all those issues really faded in importance with the way Barak's personality stole the show for me in In Darkness Reborn.

Part of a race from another dimension called The Others, Barak qYoung found himself exiled from his world and living with his hated foes, when he went against his family and his people and made a stand for right. I liked Barak a lot- but Lacey's refusal to accept him for what he was kept much of the sizzle out their story for me.

Initially, Lacey wants nothing to do with an Other and she's pissed that she's stuck with Barak. She doesn't trust him and it's made worse by Lacey's Paladin brother, Penn, who is constantly trying to pick a fight with Barak. Lacey's dislike of Barak was natural considering her upbringing but there were a few times I wanted to shake her and make her see how much pain Barak was in.

It was nice to see that the Others are in fact a normal civilization that somehow gets a madness (similar to the Paladins when they have died too many times) and that they come into our world for the light. She and Barak have a tentative working relationship, and a super hot sexual chemistry.

It looks like there was just a bad guy needed to explain why there are Paladins at all (till the next book in the series - Redeemed In Darkness - we don't know much about the Others) and this book makes you really confused considering why Barak isn't crazy but allegedly all the Others that cross the barrier are.

Getting to know Barak made me realize how close minded most of the Paladins are.