Finder, Vol. 04: Talisman

Finder, Vol. 04: Talisman

by Carla Speed McNeil

If you've never been tempted to steal a book from a library; If you've never dreamed of being given a book with all the answers in it, and awakened disappointed because it's not really under your pillow;If your mother never gave away, threw out, or sold a book that had changed your life;If you're not still half looking for that book every time you pull one off the shelf...But of course you are."Talisman" is about hunger and magic.

  • Series: Finder
  • Category: Sequential Art
  • Rating: 4.24
  • Pages: 104
  • Publish Date: November 15th 2002 by Lightspeed Press
  • Isbn10: 0967369134
  • Isbn13: 9780967369136

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The second half, presented in the form of Marceline struggling to regain that original book of her childhood by hashing it out in written form, is about the pain of writing.

The following is an e-mail I wrote to her only hours after bringing it home...) Dear Mrs. McNeil, I know you may have already forgotten meI was probably just one of hundreds of people who stopped by your table. And I just wanted to let you know that I truly wish I had come across your table sooner (when I still had a little more money). And I dont know if I ever will . I dont want Talisman to end. Every time I pick it up, and crack it open at a random page, I read something new. Of all the books on your table, I dont know why I picked up this volume. And I really dont know if the rest of your books will have a similar effect. I fear the lights have gone out in young peoples minds. To help turn them into meek and homogeneous little corporate cattle; trained from birth to toil for a meager salary, and then waste it all on brand name things they have been brainwashed into thinking will make them happy. Yes, I know your book isnt really all about that; or . Perhaps Im just happy that to know that Im not alone; in my love for the mystery of books. Thank you for tipping your hand, and showing me that there are still people who can make modern fairy tales a reality. And now Im afraid, I have a favor to ask of you If ever our children needed a champion: that time is now. Our children need to hear the story of The Iron Tarn, Ms. McNeil. The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them. Why is it, thousands of years after their first telling, stories of the greek gods, Odysseus, and the Argonauts are still being read? It gives me a profound sense of joy to know that there are still storytellers in our modern age. People like you. But unlike many of your other fans, Im not asking you to write us a story from beginning to end. I dont need all the pieces; I just want more of them. like many tens of thousands of lost, and starving children; I still have a tiny ember of imagination burning inside my soul. Im no Gandolf, or Merlinbut like you, I also know the hidden power of words. And like you, I know that it is far better to light a single candle, then to curse the darkness . with it you can light a magical fire in the minds of thousands of children. Marcys book may be filled with blank pages. Nah. I just told her I really liked Talisman, and Marcy was my favorite character in one of my favorite books. I really dont know why; maybe she remembered me from Comic Con? In fact, Mrs. McNeil told me that all the original artwork of Marcy from the comics had been sold years ago (not long after it was first published). I do remember that she asked me if I wanted her to sign the first volume (I did have every book shed created), and I remember I said no. And I dont know why; my memory is cloudy about this partdid I have it in my hand? I really dont think I asked. Read the book. I think youll understand Eventually, I finished reading all the Finder series. In fact, Im happy just knowing that there is another storyteller like me, wandering around in the wasteland of popular fiction. I think that everyone, at some point in their lives, needs to find their way back to that forgotten sense of wonder. Finder: Talisman I dare you to try to keep treading water, stubbornly refusing the help you need Just because you think youre too old to read a comic book. Sincerely, Peter Usagi Comic Book Ronin, Wandering Story Hunter, He-Who-Blogs-Books P.S. You can read the full post on my blog @ Also, Carlas Finder series has just been picked up by Dark Horse. Now you can get the first three-story arcs (including Talisman) in one collection: The Finder Library Vol. 1 (available for pre-order now)-- check out: Also, if youve read Talisman, or are a fan of Carlas work, check out the facebook page I made.

Reason for Reading: The lost book intrigued me even though I have not read any books in the Finder series. We have the story of a girl who can't read and is gifted a book by her mother's easy come, easy go boyfriend. However, he stops visiting and Marcie can't continue with the book, she gets her older sister to read it to her but it's not the same story, she's not reading it right and she finds something offensive in the book and puts it up on a shelf. I just loved this story, the world in which it was set and the characters.