Fulk the Reluctant (Harlequin Historical, #713)

Fulk the Reluctant (Harlequin Historical, #713)

by Elaine Knighton

Fulk de Galliard was sore dismayed.

A man of dark secrets and dangerous prowess, he was unfit to be any noblewoman's spouse, even such a one as Jehanne of Windermere, who lived by her own knightly code.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.11
  • Pages: 299
  • Publish Date: 2004 by Harlequin Special Releases
  • Isbn10: 0373293135
  • Isbn13: 9780373293131

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and greg. (yes, we were essentially laughing at a rape joke - we are not good people). this is not a good book. women read romance novels for the titillating descriptions of love and intercourse. "gripping her lance, she put her horse into a gallop.

Yeah, I think something like that was happening with Fu*k the Reluctant. The story itself isnt really a knee slapper, but its about characters named Fu*k, the Iron Maiden, and the Hurler, so that makes up for a lot. This one girl wrote a play that was probably pretty ahead of her time. My favorite part, though, was that at one point a stage direction had the girl sitting down in front of a tree to eat seven apples. It gave me that feeling like, well, Im happy for you, characters, that you were conveniently able to eat seven apples, but did I need to be part of that experience? Having said that, Im pretty sure that this book is what so many people wished Mockingjay had turned out to be. I think thats what some people wanted Mockingjay to be about. It has a lot of the good ol anti-feminist propaganda, like when the Iron Maiden says, no, she really means, yes. when we started coming across this phenomenon of mystically healing lady parts, but when I read this, it was immediately familiar. It seems more like a playground shouting match where everyone ends up saying, no YOU are! But I am as bad at relationships and people as I have been good at law school, so its probably not good to sic me on helpless innocents. I dont know if Id say I generally like this book. I cant give it the three stars Id like to (to put it above Pleasuring the Pirate) because its not fair to other three-star books. It would like to see me off having bab*es, but for now it will have to settle for reviews.

So many important questions that reading with feeling goes out the window. Wouldn't it be simpler to take a big ole fire and shove the stupid Iron Maiden into it? If you were named Lioba, wouldn't you change your name? If you're a high ranking whatisit, why do you need to marry Miss Thingie?

Fulk had found out that Lady Jehanne had been promised to Grimald to become his wife. He made up a story to Henry and got approval to take the fief of Jehanne's father, Alun of Windermere. Grimald ordered Fulk to kill Alun and take the Lady Jehanne as his wife. Fulk was forced to do as Grimald ordered and headed to Windermere. He had determined that he wouldn't kill Alun nor marry a woman by force. Malcolm told Fulk that he was in love with his sister, Celine. Fulk was determined to find someone for his sister that wasn't a warrior and told Malcolm so. Jehanne was still determined to to persuade the king to give her the castle as he own rather than give them to Fulk. She and Fulk headed to see the king but he was persuaded to try and gain his own lands back. Jehanne was determined to help him and went to confront Grimald's man at Fulk's fief. Grimald arrived to tell them all that Malcolm had been killed and he had raped Celine. He arrived and fought with Grimald and killed him. Fulk told Henry that he had married Jehanne but he had not killed Alun. The king had been told that Fulk had killed Alun and taken Jehanne to wife as ordered. Fulk told Henry that Alun had died of illness, not by Fulk's hand. They went back to Windermere and stopped to see Fulk's mother for help in healing from his fight with Grimald. Fulk told Jehanne that he felt that her father had treated her as he did because he was given no choice in her husband. Henry forgave Fulk for not becoming his knight and for what he saw as disobedience in his not killing Alun as ordered and forcing Jehanne to become his wife.

The Earl had been rejected by Jehanne so he sent Fulk to kill her father and marry her so he could be the owner of her lands.