by Willo Davis Roberts

Did she dare follow her heart?

When someone points an accusing finger and cries "Witch!" Elizabeth face a choice -- between a lie that could doom a friend, and the truth that would threaten her own life.

  • Series: Sunfire
  • Language: English
  • Category: Young Adult
  • Rating: 3.52
  • Pages: 368
  • Publish Date: June 1st 1984 by Scholastic
  • Isbn10: 0590331361
  • Isbn13: 9780590331364

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My 27 year old self was well enough entertained, but because I am a big giant quibbler, quibble I will. Elizabeth is nice! Life in Saugus with the Puritans is hardly one big party for Elizabeth. Dorothy gets caught in a big pile of lies, and in order to deflect attention from her own naughtiness, she accuses Nell of witchcraft. We all know she's going to pick nice Johnny over that pushy Troy Hutchins, so we're not at all surprised that Troy tells her to keep her mouth shut during Nell's witchcraft trial to save her own neck. Sunfires tend to shy away from any potentially controversial issues or to outright condemn anything that's less understandable to modern eyes, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that although there were some jabs taken at the Puritans, Elizabeth herself is depicted as being religious and a little superstitious. Historical Quibbles: Really, just Elizabeth's hair on the cover. I don't think Puritans allowed their young women to use quite that much Aqua Net. Verdict: Minus a star for the highwayman tease, minus another two for the lackluster romance plot, add one back in for the fun with witchcraft.

Elizabeth Fallon comes to Saugus, MA with her brother & sister in tow, the unfortunate objects of charity by her uncle, who doesn't let them forget for one minute just how grateful they should be. For most of the story, she's an utter coward - bending to the dictates of her uncle and the community. It's the Puritan code that actions by one reflect on the entire family, and should Elizabeth say anything against "respectable members," retribution and judgment will be swift. Yet he, like Elizabeth, finds himself paralyzed to act on his convictions, partly because of community pressure, and partly because he has his own family agenda. Both he and Elizabeth take the long view of the consequences of speaking out, but eventually bend to their consciences.

Elizabeth has recently moved to the village with her brother and sister to live with her aunt and uncle following the death of their father. She quickly makes friends with a girl named Dorothy and is courted by Troy, who is the most eligible man in town. (Of course, these Sunfire girls nearly always capture the attention of the most eligible man in town.) She also meets Nell, who lives with her extremely poor grandmother, and Johnny, a former shipman searching for his brother who was sold into indentured servitude. In this particular book, Elizabeth doesn't even kiss her man of choice until the very end!

She easily makes friends in the new town--the playful Dorothy, who is working her way through the young men of Saugus, and Nell, recently arrived from Barbados. Whereas in other Sunfire books, the heroine is drawn to the boy who shares her independent spirit, Elizabeth is drawn to the one who shares her sense of strong family values.

I can't help but think it might have been a lot more exciting if it were actually set in Salem, and not a neighboring town. That must be one of the best Sunfire's around!" Then, you pay $10+ for it on Amazon just to get a so called "Good" copy, and it comes it the mail and it's really "Acceptable" and your like 'oh well'.

It's an interesting and well done book from a historical angle, showing how regular individuals were affected by the ultra-strictness of the Puritans of the time and the terror of the Salem witch trials with all the suspicion and hatred that that caused.

Every book is basically the same formula, historical fiction with one girl who can't decided between two loves, a good boy and a bad boy.

But as soon as I saw the cover, I knew this is one of the books in the Sunfire series that I read.