Foxes in a Vineyard

Foxes in a Vineyard

by Lion Feuchtwanger

Personajele sale centrale sînt eroi', personaliti excepionale, oameni ce au depit prin înelegere societatea i clasa din care fac parte.

Ele duc, în numele raiunii i omeniei, lupta împotriva forelor întunericului i reaciunii, lupt de cele mai multe ori sortit, în împrejurrile istorice în care triesc, înfrîngerii.

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"Vulpile în vie" (sau "Arme pentu America") este cu desvârire cel mai bun roman de factur istoric pe care l-am citit... Ce este, de fapt, revoluia? Hai s lum un exemplu recent, concret: Revoluia Român din 1989 (hai s-i spunem revoluie, mcar s in de fundal pentru acest exemplu). Desigur, în acest vast volum, Feuchtwanger nu trateaz Revoluia Anticomunist, ci revoluia burghezo-democratic a coloniilor din America de Nord i (prin analogie) Revoluia Francez din 1789. Sigur, înainte de toate, orice revoluie necesit angrenarea unui sentiment de revolt împotriva cuiva (iar acest "cuiva", oricât l-am condamna noi, este vital oricrei revoluii, cci fr el nu s-ar înfptui nicio revoluie). Romanul lui Feuchtwanger reprezint, aadar, veriga care face trecerea de la orânduirea feudal la sistemul burghezo-democratic (cel puin în SUA).

The more I read Feuchtwanger, the more I realize that the coveted status of 'classic' isn't about merit; it's about a combination of luck, good publicity, and, preferably, being written in the English language. He makes Louis, the indecisive, somewhat reactionary king of France, into the mouthpiece of inevitability, which the other characters populating the story completely fail to grasp. Though he claims in the afterward for his own book that 'a cigar is just a cigar', and that a writer of historical romance can choose a situation in history without identifying with the principles guiding it, it's quite clear that he has rather a lot to say concerning the Republican (in the old meaning of the word) principles playing a role in the creation of the United States. He notes that, while his book is fillled with their actions, neither Franklin nor Beaumarchais nor Louis are the heroes of his story. This book is about progress, coming despite the best - and worst - intentions of all concerned. Don't be fooled, though, despite its prosaic English name - Proud Destiny - inside the book is still the gripping story of the greatest political upheaval the world has ever known, and it deserves to be read.

Another Goodreads review of this novel put forth a sentiment that I quite enjoyed, namely, the idea that Proud Destiny's true protagonist is not one of its many strong-willed characters, but instead Progress itself. The sheer length of the book, however, masks its story. Proud Destiny, once titled Foxes in the Vineyard, contains just that: the long, endless romp of history's foxes along the vineyards of time.

The whole complicated situation in France beautifully written.

Überaus interessant ist es, das Buch in Hinblick auf Feuchtwangers Nachwort zu betrachten, aber mehr verrate ich hier nicht ;)