The Texan's Wager

The Texan's Wager

by Jodi Thomas

Thrown off a wagon train with two other women and trying to avoid jail for a murder they committed, Bailee Moore agrees to enter a "wife lottery"--a ploy concocted by the Cedar Point sheriff to secure wives for the men in the small Texas town.For the sensible Bailee, however, marrying Carter McKoy is like exchanging one life sentence for another--especially since her new husband hasn't even seen fit to utter a single word in her presence. But still, she can't help thinking that something about this strong, silent farmer could be the key to leaving her troubled past behind...and making a worthy wager with her heart.

  • Series: Wife Lottery
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.91
  • Pages: 336
  • Publish Date: October 29th 2002 by Berkley Books
  • Isbn10: 0515134007
  • Isbn13: 9780515134001

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It's a special love story, with characters you will never find in another book. It turns out to be a very fortunate day for both Bailee and Carter. Carter takes home his new bride, and the love story begins. It's a true, simple love story. If you want to read a different kind of romance with a very unique hero, but one that shows the true spirit of romance, read this book.

After all, there were probably 40 men waiting, hoping to be one of only three names drawn in the lottery, and Carters life had been anything but lucky. Ive come to realize that if I dont connect with the hero, if I dont become invested in him as a person, and if I dont feel like hes overcome some some something in his life, the story never quite makes it to 5 stars. But what it is, is a really sweet story with the key ingredients for a 5 star read. A happily ever after with a heroine worthy of the hero - Check!

After about an hour, a second cowboy said, Bull. In a bit, a third cowboy got up and started packing his gear and saddled up. Leaving, said the third cowboy. If youve read the back-of-the-book-synopsis then you know that Bailee marries Carter to avoid jail or hanging.

On a wagon train west, Bailee teams up with two other lone women, one a young teenager woman who speaks too much and the other who is at death's door after losing her child and husband. Accosted while alone, another death is laid at their feet and to escape the noose, they are entered into a wife lottery in order to give the male-dominated town the option of a wife. My Thoughts: This was just the kind of unique, detailed read I was looking for. I'd only read one Jodi Thomas book before but it was a contemporary and I have to say that this was much wonder she's got so many Texas romances with fantastic ratings! Each time he'll give them the chance to go back to jail or stay with their husband.

The Texans Wager is the first book in Jodi Thomass Wife Lottery series and it is full of hot romance, drama, adventure and excitement that will make this book one of a million! I loved the way that Bailee has such a caring and courageous nature, especially when she tries to do everything in her power to protect Carter from any kind of danger that comes their way, even if it means putting her own life on the line. Another character I really loved in this book was Carter McKoy himself as he was the first silent hero I have ever read about in any romance novel I have read! Sure, at first Bailee and Carter did not really trust each other because they did not know each other at first, but as the book goes on, Bailee and Carters romantic relationship was truly astounding as I loved the way that Bailee did not judge Carter because he did not speak at first, but once she starts realizing what a wonderful person Carter is, she starts falling madly in love with him and does everything in her power to protect him. I am definitely looking forward to read the next book in the Wife Lottery series, When a Texan Gambles so it will definitely be interesting to see more of this series!

I think I will probably be giving this author another try.

Carter is just not one of those guys who stands out, he seems very plain and normal and not the guy you would care to read about. But more than that, what you get to love the most about this book is the romance between the hero and the heroine. It's pretty obvious from the beginning that the hero needed something, a change. Still this was a great change, and I must tell you all to read this beautiful story.

Bailee had been disappointed in love and never expected to marry. I cannot wait to read the rest of her books.