by Rex Miller

A man wholikes to feast on human hearts, spilling blood wherever he goes.

Jack Eichord is the detective who must hunt this human monster and genius killer.

Eichord thinks that he is beginning to understand thediabolical man and his patterns of violence...but can he guess the next victim in time, before it is too late for the woman he loves?

  • Series: Chaingang
  • Language: English
  • Category: Horror
  • Rating: 3.46
  • Pages: 184
  • Publish Date: December 19th 1987 by
  • Isbn10: 1585861553
  • Isbn13: 9781585861552

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So when the nearest mid-sized city paper had an article about an author, and his book was described as new gory crime/horror series featuring an outlandish villain that had been endorsed by the likes of Stephen King and Harlan Ellison, it got my attention. Theres a cop named Jack Eichord who is part of some kind of national task force thats not well explained who is supposed to be a serial killer expert, and hes come to Chicago to help find a lunatic who is cutting the hearts out of people. (I think the author read Daredevil comics and based this guy on the Kingpin.) The psycho was called Chaingang when he was a one man killing machine in Vietnam because he likes to use a hunk of chain to crush the skulls of his targets when hes feeling frisky. Were supposed to think that a jumbo sized guy who cant go fifteen minutes without raping and killing someone as he lugs around a giant duffel bag full of weapons and gear somehow manages to bounce around without getting noticed by the cops for years. And not only is Chaingang brilliant were told that hes a master con man who can talk a beautiful woman into a vehicle by pretending to be a movie producer. At one point, the Chicago police want to pin Chaingangs murders on a copycat killer, and even though Eichord knows that the evidence wont pass the simplest forensic tests he agrees to be their mouthpiece for the media to sell the story for no good reason even though he thinks the idea is stupid. Overall, there was a halfway decent potential villain lurking in this book, but Miller spent too much time adding new unbelievable twists to his creation to come up with any plot for him or another interesting character in the whole book

Slob has the promise of being a really good read, it's about a nearly 500lb sick, demented killer who preys on human beings to fulfill an insatiable need to hunt, harm and kill his targets. It's a extremely wordy book, too much so and totally not necessary, we have chapters where we experience the streams of conciousness flowing from our killer, his flashback memories to time killing in Vietnam in the VC, hunting down the enemy, but really just actually enjoying satisfying his need to kill. Oh I drowned that's for sure, this book is full of long paragraphs that just meander around word after word but do nothing to impart a sense of storyline or plot. I think some editing and punctuation and paragraphs added to this book would help a bit. In summary: Overall I just did not like it and I was looking forward to reading it, but it basically an over-worded book that has a few gory scenes in it, the flashbacks to Vietnam and being inside his head with all the waffle that goes on in there just had me constantly wanting to stop reading it.

Pazzesco questo romanzo, pazzesca la situazione in cui l'ho letto e pazzesca l'immagine di copertina. Poi, la situazione in cui l'ho letto: allora questo romanzo lo presi molti anni fa nell'onda degli acquisti thrillerosi, dove ero entusiasmato dal genere, che poi con l'andare del tempo è scemato e questo romanzo è stato sommerso da altri libri e dalla polvere e quasi caduto nel dimenticatoio. Poi qualche giorno fa, TAC, leggiamolo, inizio ma leggo poche pagine in 2 giorni, sensazioni discordanti sul libro e lì lì per abbandonarlo, ma poi mi ci rimetto e non ho potuto più staccarmene fino alla fine.

Of course there's a 500 lb serial killer shoving 40 egg rolls down his gullet, washing it down with Tennessee's finest before murdering a model-like woman and snapping her neck with the ease of twisting a bottle cap. Of course I never expected the writing to be the main focus, but the dire absence of editors make this novel a neverending discourse of how fat and brilliant the killer is.

Like Stephen King's best-known works, this is horror that feels believably, street level real...Miller also gives us a villain unlike any ever seen before in the history of horror literature. From an unspeakable childhood to night patrol in the military under the callsign CHAINGANG to federal prison and horribly, terribly free, his life formed him into a serial killer unlike any other. He's a hunter-killer, death in stinking, repulsive flesh, as brilliant as he is insane, a murderer unlike any other who can kill in a thousand ways but favors his coil of tractor-strength safety chain.

In terms of horror fiction, I have not previously felt an author's voice come through the prose like it did in the Slob... Honestly though, the story itself really lent itself to the prose style and I'm not sure if the high paced manic DJ approach can work ubiquitously throughout the horror genre. Miller's character development was probably the strongest I have read for some time. If you are looking for a some high powered serial killer horror with strong characterization and fun action packed prose...

Mr. Millers first novel in his "Chaingang" series, with the 6'7", almost 500 pound Daniel Bunkowski.....the killing machine.

I liked the section on how a serial-killer is made.