Atlas of Creation, Volume 1

Atlas of Creation, Volume 1

by Harun Yahya

Examining the fossil record, we see that living things are exactly the same today as they were hundreds of millions of years agoin other words, that they never underwent evolution.

Even during the most ancient periods, life forms emerged suddenly with all their complex structureswith the perfect and superior features, just as do their counterparts today.This demonstrates one indisputable fact: Living things did not come into being through the imaginary processes of evolution.

All the living things that have ever existed on Earth were created by God. This fact of creation is once again revealed in the traces left behind them by flaw living things.This book will provide you with not only such information as what fossils are and where and how they are found, but also a closer examination of a variety of fossil specimens, millions of years old, that are still able to declare, "We never underwent evolution; we were created." The fossils discussed and illustrated in this book are just a few examples of the hundreds of millions of specimens that prove the fact of creation.

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I lugged a copy home, because it has beautiful pictures, and also because it's one of the craziest things I've ever read. Other smashing arguments include pictures of, say, a dinosaur morphing into a bird (with hilarious "trasitional" forms in between) with a big red X over them to indicate that the idea is false.

Although, evolution within a species itself cannot be denied, the book argues, the fossil evidence contradicts any claims of species developing into a completely new ones. The author tries, in some of his works, to portray Darwinism (macro-evolution) as being in contradiction to Islam.

When attempting to show that species haven't evolved, Yahya shows pictures of millions-year-old fossil next to living species that are apparently their modern counterparts, thereby showing that they haven't evolved.

The book was written by Harun Yahya, a.k.a. Adnan Oktar, a prominent Turkish creationist. However you can also download the first volume from links below

This humongous book, weighing ten+ pounds, was sent to me (unrequested) because of my association w/the UU church.

The author is oriented in the theme however he twists the fossils finding and many religious matter together with simply this is truth statement. Arguments are weak and sometimes little disgusting, mainly at the end of the book where author uses the Darwinism as cause of the terrorists attacks.

If the cover would be thicker, this thing would have the same dimensions as the book of the dead from "The Mummy." And as can be expected, the book starts with the typical, false, claim that the theory of evolution has taken the faith of thousands, states it's all about the Quran and has a big double page about the author. Of course, the guy doesn't even know what the theory of evolution means. And no wonder that this idiot thinks there are no transitional fossils. I think the biggest problem with this book is not the fact that it is basically lying all the time mixed with actual facts, but its high production value. Plus, the page was obviously edited in the pdf version (the mayfly picture is even mirrored) and yet they still didn't notice the fishing hook. This picture of the sea lilly fossil where the idiot could not realize that the "modern sea lilly" is actually a sabellid worm (aka feather duster worm) was not the first nor silliest example of the author being unable to see differences between pictures. And just like with the previous picture, this one here was replaced with a completely different picture in the pdf version. But hey the guy doesn't know the difference between race and species, so what do you expect? Of course we got some quote mining from Darwin's book to make him look like a eugenics supporter and the asshole claims terrorism is based on materialism and Darwinism. I was wondering whether horse evolution would ever come up here, since the author has mostly shown fossils that look similar to modern species, and failed, showing that he doesn't know how evolution works.

Adnan Oktar (born Ankara, 1956), also known by his pen name Harun Yahya, is a prominent advocate of Islamic creationism in the creation-evolution debate.