The Breakup Club

The Breakup Club

by Melissa Senate

The Breakup Club by Melissa Senate released on Dec 27, 2005 is available now for purchase.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Womens Fiction
  • Rating: 3.63
  • Pages: 296
  • Publish Date: December 27th 2005 by Red Dress Ink
  • Isbn10: 0373895585
  • Isbn13: 9780373895588

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And while organizing my ebooks folders, in one of several attempts to distract myself from thinking about another failed relationship, i came across The Breakup Club. There was an almost positive-like approach to a break-up, but it doesn't get to a point where it's annoying how accepting Lucy, Miranda, Christopher, and Roxy are with their situations. And Lucy not only had to deal with the separation, but she also has twelve year-old Amelia to worry about. Of course she questioned what went wrong with their marriage, wondered if there was something she could have done to prevent it from happening, but ultimately, she came to an understanding with herself that it wasn't all her fault that Larry left. Yet, Christopher manages to rise above it all, being a competent boss to his colleagues, a dependable friend, an admirable ex-husband, and a doting father to Ava. Pining over Gabriel, an ex, is Miranda's deal. There's a right dose of emotions that elicit compassion and sympathy (empathy, even) for the characters, without sacrificing the realistic approach that the book wants to achieve. But it doesn't mean that there's no happily-ever-after situation for Lucy, Christopher and Miranda. Christopher has Ava. And Miranda, aside from having Lucy and Amelia on her side, realizes that whoever she's meant to end up with will eventually find his way to her. And when every piece of their life begin to fall in the right places, Lucy, Christopher, Miranda and Roxy toast the name-change of their little group, from The Breakup Club to The Wake-up Club, and honestly, i really wish that Melissa Senate is now busy writing a sequel with that exact title.

I was thinking like 2 years ago that I was over Red Dress Ink style chick books and I just couldn't do it anymore.

Ok, I keep switching my star rating on this book, mostly because I couldn't decide where I stood.

Instead of painting break-up as something completely awful, the author found ways to show how it can help some to discover what they really want or to make better decisions. After his wife Jodie cheated on him and subsequently left him for another richer guy, he still does his best to be a great father to his daughter Ava. He also realizes that many women tend to be patronizing towards him as if his gender means that he wouldnt know how to be a good parent. She ends up getting the job shed wanted at Bold Books. It was fun to read about Roxy as she made such a bold decision and had the guts as well as the determination to stick to it until she figured out why she didnt want to marry Robbie despite her feelings for him.

(Well, not so much, anyway.) Each of the characters was in a different breakup situation and yet the four of them came together to form a friendship based on personality rather than on just the fact that they were all in a broken relationship. Lucy found her husband's New Year's resolution to leave her...but, come on, he never kept his resolutions before, right? Turns out it's not a Happy New Year for Lucy. Miranda, Lucy's younger sister is still trying to believe that her one and only will return unlike her many other "love 'em and leave 'em" guys.

Fun, fluffy and definitely a quick read, I typically enjoy Melissa Senate's stuff as the more intelligent of chick-lit authors whose heroes and heroines tend to have depth and character and are interested in other things other than finding the right guy or landing the right job.

After the reader gets to know them individually, the characters eventually intersect during the story through a common work place and form their "Break-Up Club".

haha there are points in my life which i can relate with the characters esp. but be reminded of these points just made me stronger and much thankful i chose the right decisions in life.

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