Death With An Ocean View

Death With An Ocean View

by Nora Charles

Senior citizen sleuth Kate Kennedy is spending her retirement tackling the gray clouds that sometimes descend over Florida--like murder.

  • Series: Senior Sleuth
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery
  • Rating: 3.20
  • Pages: 198
  • Publish Date: June 1st 2004 by Berkley
  • Isbn10: 0425194884
  • Isbn13: 9780425194881

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As I had never read this mystery in either incarnation, I enjoyed it greatly but just check to make sure that you do not already have this under the earlier edition/author name if you are thinking of buying it. Both Kate and Marlene are residents of Ocean View and, when we first meet them, we learn that developers want to tear down the condominium and build a parking garage. Both Kate and Marlene are urged to go with Stella to the meeting, where the CEO of the company trying to redevelop the site, David Fry, argues his case.

This was an okay cozy for me.

Six months ago, protagonist Kate Kennedy and her husband Charlie had sold their home in New York state and purchased a beachfront condo in South Florida. When the condo board president is murdered, Kate's long-term best friend Marlene urges Kate to investigate the developer for suspicious actions.

I didnt particularly love or hate the book at any point in time. So here are the things I did appreciate about this book: The characters are all older than forty. I, myself, am only thirty, but there are only so many times you can read about twenty-something or thirty-something year olds always being the only ones who can be the main character in these kinds of stories. While I appreciate not having to read every single thing that the characters did, the story jumps sporadically from place to place.

The character name and setting (and dog) are the same so I think the book is either a rerelease or a revised version with a new author name. Kate ends up moving in alone after her husband dies at the condo signing. It starts off with her not dealing well with the death of her husband right after a move from her long time home. The first was a comment a character made which also threw Kate. I didn't think an epilogue was needed and why on earth did the author need to end the book on a negative moment?

Stanley is the main suspect, especially as he's the Vice President of the residents association and Stella's demise makes room for him - however Kate thinks there's more to it when she discovers that David Fry, CEO of Sea Breeze Inc. wants to pull down Ocean Vista and build a new resort on the land - something Stella was a vocal opponent of. This was an interesting and quick read, with the main character being retired it made it difficult to get used to in the first few chapters as apart from Miss Marple there isn't many books where the sleuth is a retiree.

-Noreen Wald Kate Kennedy is a recent transplant to Florida, residing in a new condominium complete with an ocean view. Kate and her fellow residents vow to find Stellas killer and bring them to justice, which leads them down a path theyll never believe once they discover the murderer. The first book in the Kate Kennedy Mystery series, Death With An Ocean View is fast-paced and easy to read with a hilarious cast of characters.

Any realtor worth their salt would have voided the sale, but here you are, months later, stuck with a condo you don't want, a Westhighland Terrier who loved your husband more than you....heck, Ballou loves your sister-in-law Marlene more than he loves you. Kate, still in mourning, stumbles upon a weirdly connected series of murders that have her driving the local cops crazy. She's developing new characters here and even established authors stumbled a bit as they introduced new series.