My Devilish Scotsman

My Devilish Scotsman

by Jen Holling

But when her father arranges a match with notorious Nicholas Lyon, Earl of Kincreag -- a Scotsman rumored to have murdered his wife -- strange visions plague her like never before.

From Gillian's first moment inside Kincreag Castle, she is filled with foreboding and when attempts are made on her life, she fears the rumors may be true.

  • Series: MacDonell Brides
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 4.05
  • Pages: 384
  • Publish Date: June 28th 2005 by Pocket
  • Isbn10: 0743471075
  • Isbn13: 9780743471077

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This book is a rather unusual read. Nicholas was the unfortunate jilted groom from the heroine of the first book. What I liked the best about the book was Nicholas. What is a witch without a love potion? I was exasperated reading about Gillian giving Nicholas a love potion. Nicholas being the suspicous man that he was did not drink it but made Gillian think that he did. A love potion was really testing my paranormal-averse boundaries.

I adored the girl, found her to be clever, charming, adoring, loyal, quite believable. In this volume the girl discovers a HUGE clue to the evil that is making her father sick, but for some unknown reason, doesn't connect the dots. And then she loses the clue, most likely so that the sister who is a seer doesn't ever touch it and discover the plot that seems to drag on forever.

From Amazon: In Holling's superb trilogy, it's 1597, and Scotland is no place for witches. Medieval Scotland comes to life in Holling's tantalizing trilogy, and each book is moving and engrossing, as each tormented hero is saved, not by the powers of the MacDonell sisters but by their love. Since then I've read many, and again, my reaction to this book is "It's okay." As far as Medieval Scotland comes to life, no it did not. I did find their courtship amusing, in particular concerning a love potion she tries to give him and inadvertently winds up inside the pet dog who spends the rest of the time in the book chasing after her, licking, jumping up on her, and ultimately saving her life at one point. But, despite my feeling for this book, I'll read the 3rd in the trilogy about her younger sister, Rose, who is definitely more interesting and based on her looks, could be Jamie Fraser's (Outlander) little sister!

The last thing the hero wants is to be saddled to another wife-even one as beautiful at the heroine. The heroine really wants to marry the Earl for 3 reasons. Despite the fact that rumors still swirl around that he killed his first wife and that her family still think he trying to hill her, the heroine is never in doubt about his feelings for her. He doesn't believe in magic or ghosts-doesn't believe that his new wife is a witch- but what will he do if the supernatural is the only way to save her life? But in the scheme of things he was tolerant of his wife's quirks because he loved her, only wanting what's best for her and getting angry when she puts her life in danger.

In this book, the heroine is perfect for the hero. BEST USE OF: A big castle, a doll house and lots of poison ALPHA MALE 10+ SPUNKY HEROINE 10+ RUNNING THROUGH FOREST OF MEDIEVAL SCOTLAND 10+ HOT SEX 10 HEA(HAPPILY EVER AFTER) Oh Yes, yes, yes PROLOGUE/EPILOGUE Prologue only and that was effective in solving the whole mystery..besides the third book in the trilogy will be the epilogue for all three books! - on keeper shelf with book #1 Heat Level 5 Scorching sex COVER COVERS IT: The only thing on this cover that doesnt cover the book is the depiction of the hero the hero never wore a kilt, had long black hair and wore dark clothes the heroine may be close except for the hair which was described as sable.

The girl's father had sent them away, to each live seperatly, where it would less dangerous after their own mother had been burned at the stake. Their father has called them home so he could get them wed off. In My Devilish Scotsman, the eldest sister, Isobel, has already been wed off. Now, the man once scorn by Isobel, is to wed her younger sister, Gillian.

Great character. Gillian was also a great character also.

Due to the availability of the books at my library I've had to read the trilogy backwards.