by Sara Craven

And she had waited for the right time.As an acknowledged beauty arid successful model now, Carly could afford to be generous.

But she had no intention of forgiving and forgetting the past.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Category Romance
  • Rating: 3.03
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: July 1990 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 0373112793
  • Isbn13: 9780373112791

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She wants to meet up with Saul Kingsland (a photographer) who hurt her five years ago, and she is planning her revenge. (view spoiler)Five years ago Carly was going to be in her cousin Louise's wedding, which was to be photographed and made into a book by a popular, new photographer Saul Kingsland. Carly went a little overboard with her revenge, but alot of people (family, bridesmaids) really put her down and she truly believed she looked like a freak (even though she didn't sound that bad.) After hearing Saul's comments about her, I guess she finally snapped.

Fashion model heroine is going to have a tabloid publish nude photos of her to bring down her photographer boyfriend's career. As it is, all the superficial efforts h has made to change herself, from extensive cosmetic surgery to building a career as a top model, continue to be sneered at by the folks back at home as vulgar and uncouth. Finally, I did not buy the hero's explanations about a dreadful conversation the heroine overheard him having with a nasty tart when she was an ugly duckling teen, and which led her to basically change her entire life and propel her into this ridiculous revenge fantasy. The hero was clearly being catty with the OW when he disparaged heroine's gawky looks and whined about how she wouldn't fit into the pictures he was supposed to take of all the bridesmaids at the family wedding they were all gathered for.

This h is DEDICATED - she spends five years and has cosmetic surgery to get revenge on the H. It isn't often that you see that kind of dedication for revenge in an H OR an h in HPlandia. Normally HP's don't support the cosmetic surgery decision - our h's usually only need a makeover and some waxing, cause our h's are pure and virtuous girls who would never dream of going under the knife. (Though I must say that SC is much kinder to her revenge target H than Sally Wentworth was in The Judas Kiss This story opens with the h planing on will-to-powering herself into the famous photographer H's attention as the next big cosmetic model spokeswoman. But a visit home where she is rejected as a bridesmaid by her jealous sister because of her now fabulous looks, plus when the h realizes her family really doesn't want anything to do with her, firms up her determination. When the h inherited a lot of money from a godmother and set out to change her looks and get a modeling career under an alias, her older sister drew away when the h became better looking that she was. Except this is an HP and of course our H isn't going to let anything like purloined photos or the loss of a huge cosmetics contract keep him away from his true love h. He manages to track down the h conveniently moping at a pub near the H's grandma's house and after he swears he never said anything bad about the h five years earlier, or had lurve clubbings with that mean girl in the garden and still carries her five year ago picture around in his wallet, he avows his true lurve forever and the h confesses her love back for the big HEA.

Whether Carly gets the job or not is entirely in the hands of Saul the photographer. Shes going to take revenge on Saul. This is one of those tragic revenge stories, the type of thing that heroines do, but heroes dont. Hero revenge stories are about getting enough power so that they can bully anyone who has slighted them in the past. He sort of has to be for this story to work, but I was at least convinced that Carly was going to struggle against her feelings for him, and the sense that he was not the person she expected. How Carly intends her revenge axe to fall is also nicely subtle or at least it was subtle enough that it kept me guessing, without making me impatient about how much time she thought about it without thinking the exact thought of how it was going to happen. Ultimately, setting out on a revenge plot that takes many years and leaves a great deal to chance means that the story isnt terrible believable.

Maybe American romance novel families are written the same way (I mostly read English authors and settings), but geez, it paints a picture of some very uncaring familial relationships.

I think Carly went to great lengths to prove to herself that she was worthy of being beautiful.

Becoming the Flawless model would be the ideal way to bring him down.

Because this is HPlandia serendipity dictates that of course she gets the opportunity to avenge herself and manipulates things to ensure she meets the H who falls in lust with her at first sight. He also trash talks her as well though he says he didn't and we have a fade to black moment where it could be interpreted as the H and OW got it on. Anyway because he may or may not have hot up an OW and may or may not have trash talked her- he called her a hot mess more or less - the h changed her appearance, was ostracised more or less from her family and devoted herself to becoming a top model in the name of revenge. Lets be honest here, the H obvs liked to sample the lady buffet and who could blame him he was a photographer surrounded by women and he was young free and single.

It was time for Saul to learn a lesson. MY REVIEW w/ a few *****SPOILERS*****: So Carly North aka Caroline Foxcroft fell in love w/ Saul when he came to photograph her cousins wedding. Then she sets out to exact her revenge on Saul. However, I didnt like Carlys reasons for revenge either. well I felt that Saul really cared for her despite her actions and even though Carly cared for him she still felt she needed her revenge.

Anne Bushell was born on October 1938 in South Devon, England, just before World War II and grew up in a house crammed with books. Divorced twice, Annie lives in Somerset, South West England, and shares her home with a West Highland white terrier called Bertie Wooster.