Wild Justice

Wild Justice

by Phillip Margolin

Seven years ago, Phillip Margolin seized the imagination of thriller readers everywhere with his chilling breakout bestseller, Gone, but Not Forgotten.

After five subsequent New York Times bestsellers, Margolin now returns to the haunting terrain of Gone, but Not Forgotten with a mesmerizing tour de force of psychological suspense, an electrifying tale of revenge and retribution that shows a master storyteller at the very peak of his craft.Thursday: Subject is still combative after four days of applied pain, sleep deprivation and minimal food.Vice squad detective Bobby Vasquez, for months on the trail of a slippery underworld figure, receives an anonymous tip that directs him to a mountain cabin.

He races through the idyllic Oregon woods, expecting to close the book on a long-standing vendetta.

Watched from woods.Within hours, Vincent Cordoni -- a brilliant surgeon with a history of violence and drug abuse -- is arrested for a heinous crime.

Facing a seemingly insurmountable wall of evidence, he turns to Portland's top criminal defense attorney, Frank Jaffe-who, along with his ambitious daughter, Amanda, must put on an inspired defense.

Amanda's first taste of criminal defense work is as intoxicating as it is chilling, but it raises moral questions she's loath to address.

Four years later, a second set of murders has begun ....8:55: Subject exits house, naked and barefoot, armed with kitchen knife.

The police will do everything they can to stop Cardoni -- but they have to find him first.Following a twisting trail of clues, including a harrowing diary that clinically records the killer's horrible deeds, Amanda Jaffe and Bobby Vasquez join the hunt-and themselves become targets of the twenty-first century's first genuinely monstrous psychopath.:

  • Series: Amanda Jaffe
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery
  • Rating: 3.84
  • Pages: 416
  • Publish Date: July 31st 2001 by HarperTorch
  • Isbn10: 0061030635
  • Isbn13: 9780061030635

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How can you combine doctors, lawyers, local mafia, serial killers, abusive spouses, and harvested organs on the black market, into a psychological thriller set in the beautiful pacific northwest, and not succeed? Her unbelievable character, who has set her love life aside to succeed as a professional, immediately is smitten with an old friend from childhood who is tall, dark and handsome (and a doctor, God love it!). Or, more likely, you'll guess who it is within the first hundred pages.

Normally I would breeze through an eight+ hours audiobook in a day or so, but I must admit I was tempted to fling this one onto the "DNF" shelf about two thirds of the way through.

Fans of mystery films/books and courtroom dramas will most likely have a good time with this one. Margolin is able to relay this information in a way that makes it so anyone could understand it and I think that's the mark of a good author and storyteller. The plot was rock solid and Margolin was able incorporate some side plots to keep you interested and throw you off the trail. Margolin actually has another strong female character besides Amanda whom I thought was also well written. This was damn good and I'm definitely going to check out some more of Margolin's work in the future.

I even liked the various bit players, like Amadas father, or the policemen investigating the crimes, including Vasquez, because even they were complete characters easily identified and kept distinct from one another. They consequently made smart decisions, and then acted on those decisions, which kept me riveted to this book.

When Amanda Jaffe joined her father's law firm as an associate, he helped him take the case against Vincent Cardoni. And Justine Castle calls Amanda and asks her for her help, when she believes she didn't do it and she was framed from Cardoni.

Amanda talked with Frank about winning LaTricias case. Castle made Cardoni leave and talked with Mary in private. Breach talked with Art about figuring out who Grant's partner was and where they went. Bobby got an anonymous call and was told that Cardoni bought two kilos of coke and was storing it in a mountain cabin and was going to sell it to two men within the week and told him where the cabin was. Cardoni told Frank about how there was police at his house going through it. Frank, Amanda, and Cardoni went to his house to talk with the police. Frank talked with Cardoni alone and told him just to go with the police and not to fight them. Castle was asking for Frank but Amanda told her that he was in California for a week. Amanda went to the justice center where Castle was being held and talked with her and Greene. At the date, they talked about Amandas case and how Tony had become a plastic surgeon. Greene and McCarthy talked about the similarities in the two cases and how almost nothing connected to Castle. McCarthy told Greene about the two previous husbands Castle had, and how she shot one and the other died in an accident.Amanda talked with Castle about what Greene was doing. Frank and Amanda went to Arts strip club to talk to him. They talked about the case similarities and how it could mean Cardonis back and how they know that's something Breach would want to know. Art told them Breach sent him up to the cabin the night Cardoni disappeared for a truce. Amanda told Bobby about how Tony was looking for Cardoni since he could recognize plastic surgery. Amanda got a call telling her about Volkov and Tonys fight. Roy called Greene to set up a meeting so Cardoni could talk with them without the threat of being arrested again. Cardoni talked with Greene and McCarthy about how he thought Castle was the murder and that she framed him. Amanda talked with Castle and told her later that afternoon she was gonna have another bail hearing. Castle asked about Cardoni because she was scared he would try to hurt her, so Amanda told her that Bobby could be her bodyguard. Bobby took Castle home and they talked the whole way about Cardoni. Amanda got a call from Ann and she told her that it was Cardoni who was asking about the farmhouse. Amanda talked to Frank about how it didn't make sense for Cardoni to ask about a property that was supposedly his. After dinner when Tony was cleaning Amanda got a call from Castle asking for her help but she wouldn't respond to anything Amanda said. Amanda and Tony went to Castles house. Amanda found Cardoni had been shot, there was a bullet hole next to Tony in the wall, and Castle cut and stabbed to death with a hunting knife beside her. Amanda and Greene talked about Cardonis case. Cardoni called and asked for Frank, but he was out of town so Amanda took the call. McCarthy and Greene had a conference with Amanda were she tells them to test the blood they took from Cardoni for tranquilizers and that she thinks the murder is Tony. She told them about how Tony had left the room right before Castle called and how she didn't respond to anything she said. Tony started talking about the case and said something that onthey the police, attorneys, and murder would know. Cardoni told Tony that one of Breachs crooked cops gave him copies of his pain journals and he was looking forward to trying out the techniques he found most effective and left. Art recomended one of Tonys hands to make it poetic, but breach said he wanted them to know he was dead. Frank is Amandas father and lead counsel for Cardonis case and the second layer for Castles case. Tony is the murder and Amandas and Castles boyfriend.