Bargain With The Wind

Bargain With The Wind

by Kathleen O'Brien

Marriage was the only way Darcy could escape her stepfather.

Darcy couldn't wait: she needed a husband, fast!

Darcy didn't love him the way a wife should love a husband, but should she accept?

Evan's older brother, Miles, was determined to stop her - even if it meant marrying her himself!

  • Language: English
  • Category: Harlequin
  • Rating: 3.48
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: February 22nd 1991 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 0373113552
  • Isbn13: 9780373113552

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The h's mother, who pretty much self destructed with men and booze after the h's father died, left the set up in her will that the amoeba was to have the running of things until the h turns 25 or get's married. But we need a forced MOCmarriage scenario, so this is better than nothing I guess and K O'b almost has the skill to pull it off.) After the h and the drunken amoeba and his tart of the day have a mini-showdown and it is clear that the amoeba is not only running the family empire into the ground, but also getting too familiar with the h's 15 yr old sister, the h decides desperate times call for desperate measures. She isn't in love with the guy, but she does love him as a friend and her 15 yr old sister is getting to the wild teen phase and the amoeba is getting too close to the girl, so the h has to take steps to prevent a tragedy. She is hoping to marry the guy, but she plans to explain the sick situation and she wants to do her best to be a good wife. If the h marries the H, who hates the amoeba for several reasons, the share buying only being one of them, the h can authorize the share sell back to the H when the h gets control of the family firm. Her little sister is feeling her oats and is a bit petulant and spoilt but just being a temperamental teen and the h is really, really worried about amoeba's reaction to the two ladies taking off like they did. So the H and h marry and the H tries the big seduction routine, the h gets a little flushy glow, but again the H's words and actions pop up in her mind and she cuts him off before unicorns can be offended. He just triples the tarty tease heartless wench comments.) The h is feeling the lurve mojo passion too and she thinks she is in love with the H, but she isn't a tidbit on the lady buffet and she can't forget his insults and if they start boppin the lower noggin's, things could get REALLY messy in the end. The H's lady on the side with the child is also hanging around a lot and making eary faces at the h and the h is getting more and more jealous, she is pretty sure the boy is the H's son and she doesn't even want to speculate what kind of mess that will make when this all blows up. The H's younger brother throws the H and h a surprise party and the amoeba pustule shows up, he too claims that the H and the lady with the little boy are currently lovers and he drops the tidbit that the H pays the woman's rent. The amoeba claims that he is going to get the marriage unapproved by the family lawyers and the h feels totally defeated. The h is relieved the little boy is safe and when the boy's mother shows up, the h feels that she is interrupting a family reunion. (It hurt his little ego pretty hard, so that was another mean funny moment to pay the H back for all his rottenness.) The h tells the H that the OW was continually angry with the h and she did not know what to believe, she did not want to interfere with a family and she and the H only had a business deal. The H admits that he had been paying the OW's rent because the little boy's father is actually the amoeba pustule, whom the OW cheated on the H during their engagement with. Amoeba had been with the OW for two years before he dropped her to marry the h's mother and then he refused to acknowledge the boy when the OW refused to terminate. Which sorta makes no sense because he technically has custody of the h's little sister and tho the h says they will use some sort of leverage to run him off, the H doesn't actively do anything to make the man go away.

Miles is determined to think the worst of Darcy because she wasn't in love with his brother, who was her college friend and who continually asked her to get married. Darcy has past experience with her father's lechery and is determined to protect her sister, even if it means marrying a friend who she doesn't love in that passionate way you should love your spouse. I also liked how the author uses the ocean and the hurricane that happens near the end as a metaphor for the growing and powerful feelings between Darcy and Miles. Bargain with the Wind was a good read. I liked the manner in which O'Brien uses the familial bonds that Miles and Darcy share with their siblings as an active backdrop to this story.

Kathleen comes from a family of writers, poets, and journalists- though she may be the one shameless romantic in the bunch.