BIOMEGA バイオメガ 1

BIOMEGA バイオメガ 1

by Tsutomu Nihei

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Im not sure what Ive just read. These highly personal manifestations allow BioMega to stand out amongst its thematical peers and predecessors whose markets (while far from stale) are becoming increasingly oversaturated: Zombies and Manga. Coupled with a brutality simplistic pallet and a relatively static approach to the penciling, BioMega can be something of a grind to read. Strictly un-intertextualized Biomega seeks out its own vision with little in the way of tributaries of influence to water itself down.

But mostly you should read Biomega, as with any Tsutomu Nihei manga, for the architecture. Nihei is the master of space, scale, and conveying enormity within the confines of the small comics page.

Done in very detailed black ink the artwork tells the story for much of the book. There is a lot of violence but it's all of the kind you'd expect to see when zombies are being shot at and blown to pieces plus a small bit of language, thus the manga has an "M" rating. If you like Apocalyptic stories, lots of zombie and motorcycle action with a grizzly bear thrown in for good measure you may want to give this one a try.

On one hand, there's a scene where an artificial human rides his oversized, pitch-black motorcycle on a rooftop with a talking bear on the backseat, while the building behind them goes up in flames. She's also pretty chummy with the bear.

The Public Health Service sends Compulsory Execution Units (CEU) into infected areas to kill off said zombies, which are referred to as "drones". The protagonist is some "synthetic human" dude (you can tell I've been paying attention!) on a motorbike, who completes missions in infected areas under the guidance of a little hologram lady in his bike computer, for a company called Toha Industries - rival of the Public Health Service and CEU. It seems like motorbike dude just goes into infected areas to do the job of the CEU, but receives orders to recover a young Accommodator girl called Eon Green. I was left wondering if they look like that because they're actually infected with the virus, rather than being totally immune to it (a part of the mythology that I really enjoyed!) I also find the Compulsory Execution Unit creatures to be equally creepy and fascinating. I feel like I could rip out at least 20 pages of this text without affecting any of the story. Overall: I love the premise of Biomega, but found it strangely lacking in story and often had no clue what went on in certain panels.

Ciertamente hay los equivalentes a zombies, pero la historia no toma el camino de una difícil supervivencia entre miles y miles de zombies ya que esto no tendría sentido frente a la relevancia y las capacidades del personaje central del manga. (Y seguramente la obra en general también) Hay muchos más diálogos, y no hay ningún problema en un manga largo que se hace esperar en cuanto a la trama; y Blame! De hecho podría haberse extendido el manga en la parte final o, lo que habría sido alucinante para mí, una posible unión de Biomega y Blame! disfruté más con la relectura, sobre todo los tomos finales y en general al reconstruir la historia completa en mi mente. Algo centrada en el avance de la historia y la acción, cuando podría también haberse tomado sus momentos de calma para mostrar lo que le está sucediendo al mundo y a los personajes más en detalle.

Since this is pretty much an action-packed intro volume, don't expect too much story. Oh, did I mention the heat-packing talking bear?

But it gets super confusing, especially after the second book, so read carefuly! (I had to reread all the books just to understand it fully.) The drawing style is unique, but it can get very graphic and just down right grotesque at times(nothing inapropriate, but its a post-apoctiliptic(sp?) zombie pandemic based story, what do you expect?).

detailreich, aber Mangas sind anscheinend wirklich nicht mein Ding (richtig, BIOMEGA ist auch meine Manga-Premiere gewesen).

He has a relatively large community of fans in Germany where his manga Blame!, NOiSE and Biomega were published by Ehapa. At first he studied architecture and later it is shown up in his manga works with drawing huge structures.