With Caution

With Caution

by J.L. Langley

When his little brother turns up covered in bruises, he is driven to finally bring their abusive father to justice.

To do it, he must face a past he hides behind his cocky, trouble-making attitude.

Jake Romero, a crack private investigator with a bad-boy biker image, realizes he has his work cut out for him when Remi asks for his help.

From the first moment he turned Remi into a werewolf in order to save his life, Jake has been fighting to keep his inner demons at bay.

Jake will do anything to protect Remi and help him break the cycle of abuse he has endured all his life, but his investigation is about to uncover something far more sinister and deadly than they ever imagined.

A past that could put all their lives at risk.

  • Series: With or Without
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 4.13
  • Pages: 292
  • Publish Date: September 30th 2008 by Samhain Publishing
  • Isbn10: 1599989700
  • Isbn13: 9781599989709

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I was pleasantly surprised how much I really liked Remy. Luckily, we find out why Remi acts the way he did, and soon he became a character that was not only likeable, but someone who captured my heart.

Even though Remi is now living on his own, his life is still very much controlled by his father. Overall, a good read but not the best in the series.

From what I understand Matt's story will be next, but personally I can't wait to read about Sterling (Remi's brother) I love this series and anxiously wait for the next one!

I love this series, its super sexy, nose bleed sweet and just downright sinful. Remi has to come to terms with having feelings for Jake because he has been taught all his life that liking men is bad, but he cant help wanting to sink his teeth into Jake a man he is becoming to trust with his life and one who stolen his heart. Jake is all man and he is a bit of a Dom and it just works for him, plus he is the ultimate alpha male, all protective and sexy. FEELINGS- Love this series so much, this book was super sweet and sexy. The sex was hot and I love Remi and Jake together. Can I say how much I love Remi, he annoyed me when we met him in the previous book, but you come to understand why and you cant blame him.

And to be exact two, not one, characters will die!!!! I LOVED THIS BOOK! I love when someone show how strong he is (do not think something like hitting everyone, but only a good Dom/Sub relationship). Love him, and is perfect as a main character. With an abusive father and such crazy brother (Sterling)! AND OMG soooo submissive!!! leave him alone, HE IS MIIIIINNEEEE (Remi is my favorite character!) Sterling ----> Too much active. Can't wait to read his book (Without Fear)! If the second I didn't give more than 3 stars (too much sex, in little plot in my view) this book NO!

I really shouldn't be surprised that the writer bent (were)wolf lore so out of shape it looks like Celtic knot-work. In light of this the fact that Langley has stuffed her book with a dozen new characters without fleshing them out is dwarfed.

I'll admit I didn't like Remi a whole lot when he was first introduced in the prior book. I mentioned in my review of book one that Jake is hot, hot, and more hot. He's hesitant to let Remi know this, though, because he doesn't want to traumatize him after his years of abuse. So, we've got major things going on (yes, I know, you just want me to say and I'm not gonna), and on top of all of that Jake and his partner are beginning to investigate Remi and Sterling's dad. Just trust me on this - you want to read this book. You need to read this book.

I like how Jake takes his time to let Remi gets used to being a werewolf and not pushing the mate issue to him. However, his accepting that Jake is his mate and that he is always been gay is a bit pushed into the background of other issues (including Remi being an omega and the D/s nature of his relationship with Jake).

JL was a member of the National Art Honor Society in high school and has won several regional and national titles in dance, specifically tap and jazz. She taught tap, jazz and ballet for fifteen years before settling into her career as a writer.