A Time to Dream

A Time to Dream

by Penny Jordan

Wanted: Prince Charming for damsel in distressMelanie was in distress all right!

But the last thing she wanted was a prince--or any man for that matter--to come riding to her rescue.

Until she met Luke Chalmers, whose sensual intrusion in her life was anything but peaceful.His stolen kisses left her flustered, and his rakish grin sent her heart racing.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 2.70
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: December 25th 1992 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 0373115296
  • Isbn13: 9780373115297

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Private investigator hero catches her after she is falling from a ladder, second piece of wallpaper in hand. The heroine believes every word, but this reader was annoyed at the manufactured black moment.

Anyways, the h soon concludes that she is better off without such a user nematode pustule and has such a kind heart that she even feels sorry for the Lothario's new intended, who has to accept such shabby lying shopworn goods in lieu of real love. This disturbs the h greatly, but she has a pure and kind heart, so the h plans to take this unexpected and to her mind, undeserved inheritance, fix it up a bit and offer the lot for auction with the proceeds to be donated to a worthy charity home, that will make orphans like her feel all the love she never did while growing up. Therefore, no one should be very surprised when not one but two dubious characters show up and both seem to think the h is a tart without heart and seduced the elderly man into leaving his life's accumulation of wealth and property. The h is attempting to redecorate the cottage, to make it more attractive to potential buyers as it is hopelessly outdated, when she is interrupted by a tall, dark handsome stranger just wandering right into her new home. In return, and in a true PJ role reversal that would make the Alpha Male Manliness of the H very suspect if it wasn't firmly established that he is a really roofie lady kisser, the H offers to do the decorating for the h in the cottage - as the h is trying hard, but has no knowledge of how to do things like dado rails and toning peach wallpaper. This man declares that he is a local property developer and he had an agreement with the former owner of the cottage to sell the land and the house to him. (As if calling an unknown woman a tart is going to make her agreeable to doing any kind of business with someone.) The h again refuses any offers for the cottage and is rather shaken by the entire scene. There is another call from the evil property developer and the h refuses another offer from him made via her solicitor. The solicitor then warns the h that this particular property developer has a fierce temper and bad things happen when he doesn't get his way. She claims that she is the H's fiancee, she flashes a gaudy sapphire ring and that her father is the property developer. She also claims that he will prove to the court that the h is con artist tart, so he can sell to the woman's father and that the OW and the H are soon to be building their own house on the opposite side of the village. The OW and her father approached him about the h's property and the H supposedly had gone over to their house to tell them there was no deal. The H claims that after his dad died, the man who owned the cottage was his mother's relation and that the man became a second father to him growing up. Then the h gets hit by the property developer in his car, who tries to run her over in the lane outside her cottage. The H wants to call the police on the insane property developer guy, but the h refuses to let him. So the H, who does do a decent I Love You declaration, tells the h that he is the new purchaser of the cottage. Really that is just the usual HP standard of manly and in love H behavior and should not be considered offensive or in any way related to real world situations - where the h would arguably be quite justified in calling the police on the lot of them and charging every single character outside of her BFF and hubby with stalking and harassment.

The h unexpectedly inherits a decent sum of money and a cottage in the country from a stranger.

Come back , flirt a little and again vanish. Come back once more, sleep with her virgin self and again promptly vanish. By now she is obviously in love with the ever vanishing hero. Of course, he turns out to be related to the sick old man who left the house to the girl, and he does discover why she got it too.

Buku ini diceritakan dari sudut pandang si cewek, jadi sangat terasa sepanjang cerita kalau dia ini negatif banget. Terus waktu Luke deketin, well, teknisnya sih nyelonong masuk, dia ini mau-nggak mau-nggak mau padahal mau. Cuma akhir-akhir aja dia ngomong banya waktu tengkar ama Luke, langsung berbaris-baris keluar, yang membuat novel ini kurang "hidup".

Penelope Jones Halsall aka Caroline Courtney, Annie Groves, Lydia Hitchcock, Melinda Wright Penelope "Penny" Jones was born on November 24, 1946 at about seven pounds in a nursing home in Preston, Lancashire, England. She first discovered Mills & Boon books, via a girl she worked with. She published four regency novels as Caroline Courtney, before changing her nom de plume to Melinda Wright for three air-hostess romps and then she wrote two thrillers as Lydia Hitchcock. Soon after that, Mills and Boon accepted her first novel for them, Falcon's Prey as Penny Jordan.