When You Don't See Me

When You Don't See Me

by Timothy James Beck

And now in New York City, a metropolis of anonymity built on not making eye contact, he feels right at home.

And the more visible Nick becomes, the more he realizes that in life and love, disappearing is not an option.

"A book to get lost in." Bay Area Reporter on Someone Like You "Funny and touching with wonderful characters." The Texas Triangle on He's The One "A charming, humorously appealing tale." Publishers Weekly on It Had To Be You Timothy James Beck is the author of Someone Like You, I'm Your Man, He's the One, and It Had to Be You. He divides his time between California, Texas, and New York, where he's hard at work on his next novel."

  • Series: Manhattan
  • Language: English
  • Category: LGBT
  • Rating: 3.83
  • Pages: 352
  • Publish Date: October 1st 2007 by Kensington
  • Isbn10: 0758216866
  • Isbn13: 9780758216861

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I thought the story was all over the place.

There are very promising ideas in this book that leads to nowhere. The lack of any romance was also a disappointment but I could be absolutely fine with it if the book was about coming of age of the hero. Because there are two scenes I absolutely love. I have no idea what they do in this book.

Nick, the protagonist has 3 roommates, one of whom is a woman named Morgan whom he and his other roommates find quite irritating. About 3/4 of the way through the book we find out that a woman whom Nick works for just happens to be Morgan's long-lost sister. Even though the book is less than 300 pages it took an eternity to read not because it was deep but simply because it was so vapid. I was frankly glad to turn the last page of this book and move on to some other more interesting story with better character development.


At first, I thought the book was going to get off to a good start but I got rather disappointed as I read it.

It was more organic than many authors manage, and I loved it. It feels very much like the latest book in a series, though it isn't labeled that way anywhere I saw but on the Goodreads page.

It can be sound strange, knowing how big New York City is, but Nick was searching for a safe shelter, for a place where to hide in security, a place where him being gay, and an artist, was not an oddity that made him being pointed out in the street. Two years later the New York City which was his safe shelter is now a place full of scaring things, Nick is scared by the subway, by the skyscrapers, but the fact that everyone around him was in someway affected by that tragic event. And Nick has only a solution for that: running away another time, leaving behind all the people who love him, searching another safe shelter in the anonymity.

As his sophomore year approaches, much to the disappointment of his uncle, Nick drops out so he can experience life on his own terms, and moves in with high school friends, Kendra and Roberto, and fourth roommate, Morgan.

There were a lot of characters who some times only popped up a few times and were quickly forgotten until they randomly popped up again. in all, it felt like a jumble, but it never made me groan or roll my eyes and it did make me want to finish it, thus three stars.