No Place for Love

No Place for Love

by Susanne McCarthy

His father's mistress...Lacey Tyrell's relationship with Sir Clive Parrish was entirely innocent.

The only people who didn't believe that were Clive's sexy stepson, Jon, and the journalists who were after Lacey's blood...Jon Parrish was determined to save his stepfather from further scandal no matter what it took.

  • Series: Forbidden!
  • Language: English
  • Category: Harlequin
  • Rating: 3.00
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: March 25th 1997 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 0373118856
  • Isbn13: 9780373118854

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(Tho it is very clear that the h is horrible at obedience training, it turns out ok in the end, cause we have an H for that.) The h looks like a blonde sex bombe, but she is a very sweet and rather naive actress and the H is the usual Alpha Bully HP H. We also have a Society Witch Fiancee and the h's brother, who is a very popular Manly Male Stripper. The H shows up as the h is coming back from the store and after she drops her milk and Khan has another exuberant welcome home moment, the H actually gets Khan to sit like a proper dog and the h is dazzled by the H's Doggie Authority. The h dresses up like a little old lady with her trolley and it is Khan to the rescue, as the h's brother lets Khan run amok through the gathered reporters and the h trundles off with her trolley to meet the H. The H and h are soon amiably bickering about the H's bad behavior in evicting a nice older lady from the only home she has ever known and Khan is having a doggie discovery bliss moment. The next morning Khan and the h have to rush out and stop the local constabulary from hauling the nice housekeeper lady away and the h makes the H tell everyone who he is and promise the housekeeper she can stay. A nosy reporter shows up in the midst of all this and soon the cottage is under siege by the Press, who are making mountains of the Prominent Politician's Mistress in Cozy Loveshack With Stepson drama. (Khan did not get a valiant hero dog mention.) The H and h can't leave the cottage now, so the h occupies herself by cleaning and the H tries to get in another few roofie kisses. The h gets more little digs in with the snobby Society Witch when she asks the h what her brother does for a living and the h tells her he is a very popular stripper. (The brother actually has a uni degree and a business plan, he needs the money from stripping to build up his capital.) The H and the h finally have their Purple Passion Moment on the kitchen table, mainly cause the h realizes that she is in love with the H and she is overwhelmed by the Lurve Force Mojo. The H takes Khan and the h to meet his very nice mum, who married the H's stepfather to get her own gigantic garden in a marriage of convenience. There is a big H 'I Love You' declaration moment and then Khan has to go jump on everyone with joy, cause he is finally getting a real Pack Leader and the H is determined to tie the h up in marriage.

The big bad slut-shaming H zooms in on the voluptuous heroine with accusations that she is a skanky floozy having an affair with his cheater of a stepfather. The heroine is a little like Jessica Rabbit. Anyhoo, the H swoops in with a plan to rescue her from the voracious reporters that are barking like bad dogs since the stepfather threw her under the bus. He drags her and her little dog too to Northumberland where he can slut-shame and seduce her to his black heart's content. The H is the weak link despite his extraordinary Rico Suave ways since he will not cut her a break on being a big time tramp.

Hero's engagement of convenience OW also shows up as does the heroine's brother. Heroine eventually gives in to treacherous body syndrome even though hero is supposedly engaged to the OW who is shamelessly flirting with her brother.