The Sandman: Endless Nights

The Sandman: Endless Nights

by Neil Gaiman

'The Sandman' is a series of award-winning graphic novels. It blends modern myth and dark fantasy, in which historical drama, contemporary fiction and legend are interwoven.

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This volumen is a special presenting short stories featuring each member of The Endless. A very amusing thing is that while each story is focused in a member of The Endless (the family of Morpheus, the Lord of Dream), you may be able to appreciate how each other member of The Endless causes some level of impact in some way or another, and without a doubt while The Endless are the protagonist of their short stories, you cant deny the importance of people. DEATH AND VENICE Rating: **** ( 4 stars ) Illustrator: P. WHAT IVE TASTED OF DESIRE Rating: ***** ( 5 stars ) Illustrator: Milo Manara Follow your heart. All the Endless are invited, along with many other high powers, like Stars, Faerie, Dimensions. DELIRIUM GOING INSIDE Rating: ** ( 2 stars ) Illustrator: Bill Sienkiewicz Shes still inside. DESTRUCTION Rating: **** ( 4 stars ) Illustrator: Glenn Fabry Hey. Have you had any experience? How Destruction can resist a woman who makes a living on digging destroyed things? DESTINY ENDLESS NIGHTS Rating: **** ( 4 stars ) Illustrator: Frank Quitely He did not create the path you walk.

In a way, they all work together to create much of reality. Without Destiny there could be no dreams or desires.

Despair: This one was really bizarre! Delirium: Where the Despair bizarreness went great, this went wrong for me. Destruction: I would love to see more of this.

I didn't like Despair's nearly as much as I wanted to, but Death and the very young Dream and especially Desire's stories were awesome. Maybe I don't want to have to get out a magnifying glass to read a mostly textual comic.

Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully told it is yet another example of why I think so highly of Neil Gaiman. Follow the stories of Death, Desire, Dream, Despair, Delirium, Destruction and Destiny.

Craig Russell Chapter 2: Desire: What Ive Tasted of Desire artwork by Milo Manara Chapter 3: Dream: The Heart of a Star artwork by Miguelanxo Prado Chapter 4: Despair: Fifteen Portraits of Despair artwork by Barron Storey with designs by Dave McKean Chapter 5: Delirium: Going Inside artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz Chapter 6: Destruction: On the Peninsula artwork by Glenn Fabry Chapter 7: Destiny: Endless Nights artwork by Frank Quitely For the past few volumes of the Sandman series, we were able to really get deep into the dark and mysterious world of Morpheus, better known as Dream of the Endless. Neil Gaiman has done a brilliant job at writing this volume as we actually get a closer look at not just Dream, but his siblings and I loved the way that Neil Gaiman explored each Endless character in deep detail. Probably my favorite stories in this volume were Death and Venice, What Ive Tasted of Desire, The Heart of a Star, and On the Peninsula as these stories had the most interesting storylines and really delved into the minds of the characters being presented. The artwork in this volume, as with the previous volumes, are extremely well done as there are many different artists working on this volume and they include Glenn Fabry, Milo Manara, Miguelanxo Prado, Frank Quitely, P.

So it was inevitable that he would choose to pen some stories that featured each of the Endless - this project itself could be endless, if theres enough demand from Sandman fans. As such, your impressions of the story will be greatly affected by the artists, and in the case of Despair (Fifteen Portraits of Despair) and Delirium (Going Inside), the stories are suitably grim and disorienting, respectively. In the case of Despair, I just couldnt understand what the story was about, but the artwork is suitably creepy. The story actually features both Destruction and Delirium, and just like in previous Sandman stories, Destruction is a deeply thoughtful being, nothing like what you might expect, and is always ambivalent about his past life.