Night Light

Night Light

by Terri Blackstock

An era unlike any in modern civilization is descending without lights, electronics, running water, or automobiles. As a global blackout lengthens into months, the neighbors of Oak Hollow grapple with a chilling realization: the power may never return.Survival has become a lifestyle. When two young thieves break into the Brannings' home and clean out the food in their pantry, Jeff Branning tracks them to a filthy apartment and discovers a family of children living alone, stealing to stay alive. Where is their mother? The search for answers uncovers a trail of desperation and murder . . . and for the Brannings, a powerful new purpose that can transform their entire community - and above all, themselves.

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This book, like the first in the series, makes you think about what you would do if you faced the lifestyle crisis presented in the Restoration series. I didn't like this book at first--it started with children stealing from the main characters, the Branning family. This book makes me think.

This was the first book of Blackstock's that I ever read.

Terri Blackstock produced another great read which challenge you as reader and provided enjoyable suspense that kept me up late to finish the book. It was another great book from Terri Blackstock and will recommend all her books to anyone who loves suspense.

This second book of the Restoration Series continues the saga of the Branning Family and their Oak Hollow neighbors. Each of the Branning family members continues to grow and rely more on God as the situation with the power outage continues on.

A good sequel!

I've read very few casts of characters this aliveso alive that I feel like any moment I could call them up or go visit them and theyd be there. Like the author wrote about real people instead of inventing characters from her mind. Just like in real life you dont necessarily like every person you know, you dont really like some characters in this book. Shes got such a wonderful heart and theres such a miraculous transformation in character throughout the book, tooand likely more coming. Sometimes I loved Deni and sometimes I wanted to smack her across the face with her own book. Hes thoughtful. Hes genuinely interested in Deni as a friend and not as a love interest. I was brought in from the moment I started, held captive by this incredibly thought-provoking concept. Terri Blackstock does love her murder mysteries, so of course theres another one in this book, but she did a fantastic job of tying it in naturally and without force. Notes: I thought the Christian thematics edged on cheesiness at first, but thanks to the incredible character development most of it felt very natural. Never thought Id be reading and loving this genre but here I am inhaling every book as fast as I can. So Id recommend it to ANYONE ages 14 and over looking for a solid, good book that makes you think and gives you the ride of your life while youre at it!

Families bring their lawn chairs and it is during these times that the neighbors talk and visit amongst themselves. The grandparents have come for the grandchildren. There is another book in this series which hasn't come my way yet. I can not wait to read what happens to this community and its people when their electricity comes 'back on'.

Without knowing about the others in this series I picked this book up independently, attracted by Blackstock's reputation for suspense, good writing, and Christian commitment. Well this family's Christian faith inform their generosity and neighbourliness in a self-centred world, or will they too yield a self-focused survival mode. It is a well-told story that takes the Christian faith dumps into into a down and dirty world

The Brannings are learning to deal with the outages and make do with their new lifestyle. This book has a great mystery to it as you learn about the children's past.

Terri Blackstock is a New York Times best-seller, with over six million copies sold worldwide. She has had over twenty-five years of success as a novelist. In 1994 Terri was writing romance novels under two pseudonyms for publishers such as HarperCollins, Harlequin, Dell and Silhouette, when a spiritual awakening prompted her to switch gears.