Home of the Braves

Home of the Braves

by David Klass

That was the truth I came to in that long and frozen moment.

I had to make the decision, and I had to make it now, or it would be made for me.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Realistic Fiction
  • Rating: 3.84
  • Pages: 368
  • Publish Date: April 13th 2004 by Harper Teen
  • Isbn10: 0060531711
  • Isbn13: 9780060531713

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They had some manly parts which were fighting scenes and the rivalries between other sports teams in the school. it wasn't a soccer kick, and i dont exactly think it was a karate kick either.) We also have romance scenes like you will see on Pg. 58 ( goofy childhood buddies suddenly twist up tightly into three long heartbeats ba-BOOM ba-BOOM ba-BOOM-- and we were looking right into each others eyes and the moment is there and i know its there and Kris knows it, too, and she is waiting.

Joe Brickman is the main character in this book and goes to a very tough school in New York, where with two towns attending the same school. Throughout the story, Joe changes as a character, and Klass does an exceptional job of demonstrating his change in mindset throughout the book in the way Joe looks at his life. In conclusion, I would recommend "Home Of The Braves" to anyone from 8th graders to adults because this book teaches you about life, friendship, respect, failing, and being a good person.

Meanwhile, a Brazilian student shows up at school and Joe immediately recruits him for the soccer team.

Home of The Braves is a great book about a boy that comes from a small town, Lawndale. He is forced to face them multiple times throughout the story. He feels threatened by this boy because he is the transfer student.

The ending wasn't what i was expecting, but it was okay.

The separation seems to grow when Antonio Silva, a Brazilian soccer star transfers to the school. When Antonio is confronted by two Bankside, football players who like to harass new kids, he proceeds to injure both of them and they cant play for the rest of the football season. After a while Antonio agrees to play on the soccer team. Meanwhile, Antonio lead the team to the soccer playoffs for the first time in school history, but disappears back to Brazil right as the team starts coming together. One day, one of the biggest, toughest water rats, Slade, challenges Joe to a fight.

If you like books that are about the sports and the worrying if they go far in the season or if the main guy is going to get the girl and what of the douche that showed up out of nowhere then read on. so Joe Brickman who is on the soccer team and wrestling team. But then Kris a girl who Joe has a huge crush on for like the longest time is ask on a date by Antonio and become boyfriend and grilfirend. So that got me thinking oh man this going to get inserting are they going to make it or are they going to get close and fail I must read on then On Pg. Joe tried to introduced himself to Antonio but Antonio did a jerk move on him I held out my hand for a shake. Like I said in my own opinion great book to read but there are sometimes it loses me but then again youre not me so you might have a different opinion.

Great book, like many of other David Klass novels, of which are highly recomended by me. "Dark Angle" & "You don't know me", are two other highly recomended books, by this author. I also like how he puts them in different situations, such as in this novel, he is trying to deal with a new Soccer Star that transfers to his school, and that's her's going out with his best freind, that he really likes.

In Lawndale High like every other school their are cliques such as the popular clique and the dork clique. Ed, Joes best friend constantly gets picked on and the last thing that the Bankside kids did to him pushed him completely over the edge. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a student in high school because it will be easy to relate to.

David Klass is the author of many young adult novels, including You Dont Know Me, Dark Angel, and Firestorm (The Caretaker Trilogy).