Don't Call Me Ishmael!

Don't Call Me Ishmael!

by Michael Gerard Bauer

I'm fourteen years old and I have Ishmael Leseur's Syndrome.

There is no cure.

And there is no instant cure to not fitting in.

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It was full of colourful characters, hilarious dialogue and ridiculous (and fun!) situations, this book will definitely appeal to middle-grade readers. However I couldnt help but think that there were some jokes that went on a bit longer than they should of. Interrupting Jo Who Understands That This Book Was Written For Readers Aged 8-12 - Pfft, like you know anything. Thats pretty sexist and I- Jo 2-No, youre old. Jo 2- This book was written for 8-12 year olds. Anyway, as I was saying, Ishmael is a fourteen year old boy who attends an all-boys school and a lot of humour stemmed from this. Also, I had a lot of time for Mr Scobie (although I wish wed had more time with you!), he was absolutely hilarious and a very sweet character. I really loved the connection between these boys and, even though a lot of the jokes went over my head, a lot of their banter really made me giggle. Like I said, I missed the part of watching boys stumble wildly through their pre-pubescent years but there were some things he said that just didnt seem right. I dont- Jo 2- Of course boys talk like that. Oh yeah, and this could be because Ive never seen any of the Star Wars films or the Lord of the Rings, but a lot of the jokes in this book were SW and LotRs related. Jo 2- But 8-12 year old boys have seen them and they love them and I actually caught you sniggering at a few of the jokes. 8-12 year old boys dont want to read about girls and glittery unicorns and flying princesses Jo- There aren't actually any glittery unicorns or flying princesses in this book. Jo 2- .so why would they want to read a book with more chapters about girls when its not relevant to the story? Mr Bauer did a brilliant job in portraying the infatuation a 14 year old boy gets when he has a crush on a girl. It has a fantastic and accessible message which will have a lot of resonance with boys (and girls!) who have ever felt left out and how it is OK to be different. Jo - I think thats sarcasm Jo 2-I bet you have loads to say about that boob jokes bit. Jo- In conclusion, while there were some parts of this book that I didnt completely love Jo 2- Because youre twenty two...

I immediately guessed that the writer was a high school teacher, and sure enough, a quick check of the 'about the author' section proved me right - you can always tell, I think.

'Don't Call Me ISHMAEL' is a good book and I enjoyed reading through it.

Hilfe kommt von außen - als erstes in Form einer jungen, scharfsinnigen Deutschlehrerin, die den Klassenpeiniger sofort erkennt und entlarvt, und zweitens in Form eines neuen seltsamen Mitschülers namens James Scoobie. Als die Deutschlehrerin einen Debattierclub (eine durchaus übliche AG in den USA) ins Leben ruft, findet sich Ismael plötzlich an der Seite von Scoobie und einige anderen Misfits in einer neuen Situation - er ist nicht mehr allein mit seinen Problemen. Zwar leidet Ismael unter den Drangsalierungen, verzweifelt an seiner eigenen Unzulänglichkeit und Hilflosigkeit, alldem ein Ende zu bereiten, aber durch die Selbstironie, mit der er diese Dinge an sich selbst erkennt und schildert, wird das Buch niemals schwermütig oder mitleidheischend.

Das geht aber nicht mehr, als ein neuer Mitschüler in die Klasse kommt, der Ismael auch noch in seinem Debattierclub haben will...

I am reluctant to criticize YAF because it is not aimed at my reading level.

I love laughing aloud and being taken by surprise.

It subsequently won the 2005 Childrens Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book of the Year for Older Readers and was short-listed for the NSW, Victoria and South Australian State Premiers Literary awards. In 2008 the German translation of The Running Man was short-listed for the German Youth Literature Prize and won the German Catholic Childrens and Young Peoples Book Prize. In 2007 his second novel, a laugh out loud comedy entitled Dont Call Me Ishmael!was short-listed in both the CBCA awards and the NSW Premiers Literary Awards and won the 2007 Childrens Peace Literature Award and the 2008 South Australian Festival Award for Childrens Literature. It was also included in the 2007 White Ravens selection for Outstanding International Books for children and young adults. Michael has also writtena series of three humorous books for younger readers: Eric Vale Epic Fail; (BILBYAward Winner 2014; KOALA Honour Book 2014) Eric Vale Super Male; (CBCA Notable Book 2014) and Eric Vale Off the Rails(Selected as one of the 2013 GET READING 50 Books You Can't Put Down).