100 Creepy Little Creature Stories

100 Creepy Little Creature Stories

by Stephan R. Dziemianowicz

Very few things are more frightening than unearthly creatures conceived by the masterminds of supernatural fiction.

  • Series: 100 Stories
  • Category: Horror
  • Rating: 3.84
  • Pages: 585
  • Publish Date: July 15th 1994 by Barnes & Noble
  • Isbn10: 1566199190
  • Isbn13: 9781566199193

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I was also under the impression that these would all be creepy - however, a few were just stories with creatures in them that weren't actually creepy or scary in any way, shape, or form. My favorite stories, going in alphabetical order like the book, were: A Birthday Present for Tommy, Call First, Dark Brother, Dummy, Father's Vampire, The Gargoyle Sacrifice (which is one of the few that has always stuck out in my mind), Ghouls of the Sea (my ABSOLUTE favorite of the bunch), The Inn, My Father The Cat, and The White Wryak. My least favorite stories, going in alphabetical order like the book, were: The American's Tale, The Devilish Rat, The Edge of the Shadow, Familiar Face, The House on the Rynek, Indigestion, The Keen Eyes and Ears of Kara Kedi, Laura, The Marmot, The Necromancer, The Plant-Thing, The Real Wolf, Seeing the World, Snail Ghost (my absolute least favorite), The Tabernacle, The Toad Idol, Tzo-Lin's Nightingales, and The White Dog. Here are the full mini-reviews for each short story. (view spoiler)1.After Dark in the Playing Fields This one isnt much of a horror story for me. Or, as the story may indicate, this was simply a lie easily believed by gullible British people who, like ACD, know nothing of America and where venus fly traps grow. 5.The Avenging Hand This is one of those stories where I wish that the main character was a little quicker to act, rather than standing about clutching his pearls at his chest in horror. 7.Baynters Imp This ones actually kind of fun. If youre at all into djinn and magical bottled beings or if you enjoy the Bartimaeus trilogy, this story is for you. 8.The Beast of the Yungas This ones more like The Lost World than a horror story. 10.A Birthday Present for Tommy As far as horror stories go, this one is decent. Im not sure where they got this idea from, but its not the worst one Ive read about so far. Theres a reason you shouldnt break into peoples houses especially ones who practice black magic and have finger-nail rights. This ones kind of like a Pacific Ocean version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. 15.The Damned Thing This ones a little vague, but the general gist of it is that theres some invisible creature humans cant see (though the dog can) and it ripped into this guy for shooting it. 16.Dark Brother Okay, this ones actually pretty cool. 20.The Devil of the Marsh This is the story about the extent of the bullshit guys are willing to go through to get with a pretty lady. Its long winded for a short story where mostly nothing happens. But as you finish reading, you realize youve been seeing things from the dummys perspective the entire time and hes just burned his owner alive. Maybe its my love of weird horror sci-fi movies, but I always do love giant worm stories. This ones pretty long winded for saying as little as it does. The only horror in this story is that someone would be that dumb. 29.Fathers Vampire Fathers Vampire actually reminds me a bit of a trickster story like Anasi the spider. 33.Frogfather This ones a little weird, but not bad. This is one of those stories where man should have respected nature more. 34.The Gargoyle Sacrifice Ive read this book partially twice (and finished it this time, obviously) and this is one of the stories that always stood out to me. It kind of reads like the beginning of a Supernatural episode, but a little risqué. It was kind of weird and almost didnt make sense at points. 39.Ill Be Glad When Im Dead A man who hates fat people because hes skinny and bullied decides to wish on a demon summoning to be a vampire. The monsters vague description is more interesting to me than the rest of the story. I kind of like this one because the creature of the darkness is basically bragging about how awesome he is at his job. Plus, the main character is way less interesting that the creature. 43.Jikininki This one isnt really much of a horror story. It definitely has some fun with the Kelpie mythology, though it doesnt follow what Id read of them previously. 47.Ladies in Waiting Nothing like a creepy, dusty house full of sex crazed demons to put you in the mood, right? I kind of like the weird vision he had, though it makes you wonder why, if they had conquered such a town, their reign hadnt spread. 56.Monsters in the Night Im not sure what manner of human the end was supposed to be, but I assume its meant to be some kind of android built to kill monsters. This one is weird, but its fun to read from the monsters perspective. 57.The Mother of Monsters I feel like this one is definitely a cautionary piece about corsets and pregnancies. Who in their right minds think, IM GONNA STEAL A DEAD GUYS SKULL IN CHIU-CHIU FOR A TOBACCO JAR. The idea that a fairy-like woman and a cat could have such a child is really interesting, but its sad that his wife can never know. 61.The Necromancer For as little action there is in this story, theres twice as much for setting the stage. Thats a scary story you can read to your kids, although it might be best to explain that ones imagination doesnt really make things real or they might be concerned about their own abilities. It sounds a bit like a bad clickbait plot, but this ones not unlike other stories youve read before about witches. While a fun idea, I dont think a potion could break every bone in the mans body.

The stories themselves are solid and well-curated.

I actually started it before Halloween and finally finished it.