Daughter of Twin Oaks

Daughter of Twin Oaks

by Lauraine Snelling

Will the Wounded Soldier She Rescues From Certain Death be Able to Break Down the Walls of Bitterness That Surround Her Heart?Seeking to fulfill the promise she made to her dying father, eighteen-year-old Jesselynn Highwood determines to take her little brother and the family's remaining Thoroughbreds from Twin Oaks plantation in Kentucky to her uncle's farm in Missouri, where they will be safe for the remainder of the Civil War.Jesselynn is also fleeing a cruel man in Confederate uniform who has pledged to take revenge against her for refusing his hand in marriage.

Discouraged, disillusioned, and facing a severe testing of her faith, Jesselynn will stop at nothing to save her family, the horses, and whatever remains of Twin Oaks.

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No ending!" I don't like being forced to have to read the next book. I want to come to an end and then decide if I go on to the next book in the series.

I enjoy series books but don't want to have to purchase another book to know how the story ends. Individual books should be stand alone or at least it should be clearly indicated you have to buy subsequent books in the series to see how things end.

The genre of this book is historical fiction and it is a well written Civil War dram that actually describes the lives of several daughters of the Twin Oaks Plantation. Daughter Jesselynn is left in charge of the few quality horses left and charged with the task of moving them to Springfield. Another huge liability Jesse has in taking this trip is her two year old brother Thaddy, but she will not consider leaving him behind for enemies to get ahold of. Instead of been titled daughter of Twin Oaks, a more appropriate title would have been.

This book is aptly named Daughter of Twin Oaks as it goes to narrate the arduous journey of Jesselyn, the oldest Highwood daughter, from her home Twin Oaks to Missouri in search of a safer ground in the Civil war-torn America. Joshua Highwood never had to worry over feeding his big family or his slaves, whom he dreamed of freeing as soon as the opportunity arrived. Afterwards, Jesselyn plans on journeying because she'd promised her father one thing before his passing; to take their prized thoroughbreds to her uncle Hiram's to hide away from the soldiers. They needed to hold onto some hope; that once Zach returned, and the war ended, they can start over rebuilding. With only 4 freed slaves, whom she considered more family than anything else, to take care of her and Thaddy, Jesselyn headed out and on the way, she saw and experienced so much negativity that it changed her forever. The deaths, misery and sufferings of war everywhere even shook her faith in God. On the way, she takes on more people in her little band of misfits, not knowing how can she feed so many mouths. Yet her only beacon of hope was uncle Hiram's farm, where she planned to stay put for Winter, then return to Twin Oaks in Spring. But no matter, both sisters are very worried over Twin Oaks and their siblings they miss so much. Even in the midst of war, loves comes to Louisa, but she doesn't get her happy ending. There is no conventional hero or heroine in this story because Daughter of Twin Oaks is as much Jesselyn's story as Louisa and Carrie Mae's. I wish I could say there was light at the end of the tunnel for Jesselyn or Louisa. While Louisa devotes herself more in the healing process of Zachary and a few other soldiers she was responsible for, Jesselyn learns some very heartbreaking news, when, after 2 months of grueling journey, they finally arrive in Missouri. As Jesselyn would think over and over again, would this war ever end?

Daughter of Twin Oaks by Lauraine Snelling is the first book in her Secret Refuge Series that I enjoyed. It is at the time of the Civil War and Jesselynn is the daughter left to run the family's tobacco plantation called Twin Oaks. Twin Oakes is in Kentucky and she is trying to keep her few horses from being taken for use in the war.

I know we are 8 chapters into the book, but now I'm going to change point of view to write about the sister you have hardly heard about... Usually if I don't like I book I'll keep reading it out of stubbornness, if not a hint of curiosity as to how things will turn out. After deciding not to read this book I came across some other books by this author and recognized another book I have read.

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