Educating Caroline

Educating Caroline

by Patricia Cabot

Lady Caroline Linford is horrified to discover...her fiancé, the Marquis of Winchilsea, in the arms of another woman.

Braden Granville may be a famous lover...but he has no intention of taking part in Caroline's scheme until he learns she has something he wants: the name of his own unfaithful fiancée's lover.

As their passionate tutelage begins, sparks fly and the lines between teacher and student fall away.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.77
  • Pages: 439
  • Publish Date: October 30th 2001 by Pocket Books
  • Isbn10: 0743410262
  • Isbn13: 9780743410267

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I really liked this story telling, especially that we get to follow both Caroline and Braden through their struggles. Both stories unfold beautifully and intertwine in the end of the book. The love story was the very best I truly cared for both Caroline and Braden wishing them both a very happy ending. The characters developed nicely during the book and as I learned more and more about them I loved the more and more.

But at a ball she discovers her fiance ravishing another woman and everything she believed about love and marriage is upturned. Caroline turns to Braden Granville, the Lothario of London (whose own fiance was the other woman) for theoretical 'lessons' on love and desire. It is at one of these moments that he spies Lady Caroline who has just witnessed the two guilty fiancees together. Caroline and Granville subsequently form a business deal to help them both get what they desire but what starts out to be all about their partners soon becomes all about their own new feelings. The plot involving Caroline's brother and an evil underworld figure adds suspense and action to the story and it's a great vehicle for Granville to come and save the day and win the girl.

Caroline is spunky, smart and quite curious when it comes to sex as long as it isn't her fiancee, the rather pretty and boring Marquis. To make a long story short, Caroline extends the meet cute into an opportunity to be schooled by Braden in the art of love and seduction hence the Educating portion of the title. Caroline comes armed with spectacles and notepaper but Braden has a more empirical experience planned. The rest of the plot unfolds as Caroline is drawn more and more to Braden and his awesome physicality while Lady J plot with the Marquis to keep the affair alive and marry Braden for money. There is a parallel plotline regarding the Marquis and his involvement with the man that shot Caroline's brother, but I skimmed it.

A long time ago, I liked to collect books written by my favorite authors. These books really pissed me off. Like to the point where I'm done with historical romances, (except I'll still read Georgette Heyer.) I am just so SO sick and tired of this trope. Man meets woman, they kiss. And then the man thinks, I would stop if she said no. SHE JUST SAID NO, LIKE 5 TIMES.

I read Regency romances avidly. This is among the most delightful I've read this year. Cabot has written a romance to read and reread.

"Oh the hero has slept with more women than any other man in London"... Plus all those internal monologues where the hero compares the heroine to some sort of fruit, like a "ripe peach" or a "delectable nectarine" (barf).

This was the best historical romance read by Patricia Cabot (Meg Cabot) evah!! But after I read Educating Caroline I knew I found a love for historical romance.

The rich but low-born hero knows his daughter-of-a-duke fiancee is cheating on him, but he can't find out who, so he can break off the engagement without getting sued for breach of contract and losing wads of money. The heroine discovers her fiance the marquis shagging the duke's daughter, but won't tell the hero who his fiancee is cheating with because she's afraid the hero will shoot him. He might have been knighted, but he certainly wouldn't have been made an earl.

It had been way too long since I had read a Meg Cabot novel, and I'd all but given up on ever reading her works again. This book had the signature Meg Cabot heroine, strong, smart and beguiling.

Megs newest series include the tween hit Allie Finkles Rules for Girls, the YA trilogy Airhead, and Abandon, the first book in a new paranormal series for young adult readers (the sequel, Underworld, will be in US stores in spring 2012). Meg is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of books for both adults and tweens/teens.