Devil May Cry, Volume 1

Devil May Cry, Volume 1

by Shinya Goikeda

Tony is a rough-and-tumble jack-of-all-trades with a haunted past. His encounter with Gilver, a mysterious swordsman swathed in bandages, changes his life dramatically for the worse. Tony is thrust into the dark underworld of an unsolvable case, separated from his partner and his loved ones, and pushed over the edge of desperation. Who's forcing him into a corner? What do they hope to achieve? The world of this first in a series of exciting novels connects to the thrilling smash-hit game, Devil May Cry.

  • Series: Devil May Cry
  • Language: Japanese
  • Category: Sequential Art
  • Rating: 4.12
  • Pages: 206
  • Publish Date: October 31st 2006 by TokyoPop
  • Isbn10: 1598164503
  • Isbn13: 9781598164503

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Tony Redgrave is a mercenary, but he doesn't take on whatever job that is offered. From the first page it becomes fully clear that Tony Redgrave is Dante. When I started reading I hoped for some good action. We have here Tony/Dante with haughty one-liners, as always. I can't say they're of the greatest quality, but their atmosphere is something that lacks the second novel (which I haven't read yet). There are really poor fragments like the sudden change from Tony to Dante, when you think "God, this is the same man? Tony wasn't such an idiot..." But despite all of that I couldn't help enjoying this novel.

But about the time I got to Grue and his daughters and seeing Dante (or rather, Tony) interact with them, I was totally immersed. I loved Grue, and the relationship Tony/Dante had with him and his daughters Jessica and the other two whose names I forgot was heart warming to watch and I honestly wanted more. Unfortunately, with the emergence of the suave and mysterious new mercenary in town, Gilver (whom we find out to be Vergil in the final chapter, surprise, surprise), things begin to go awry for Tony/Dante. In the beginning, they live in the shadows and only come out during a certain time of night, picking off any unlucky civilians who happen to be out that late, which just so happens to be Denvers after his 99th fight with Tony. Reluctantly, Tony disposes of every single one of them in the time it takes for a dust cloud to clear, however, his beloved red coat suffers the necessary sacrifice for surviving such an insane barrage of bullets against one man. Tony tosses his coat to Denvers and tells him to get it fixed for him, then wanders off to go drinking at the dinkiest bar around, his favorite place, and the mercenary gathering hub-- Bobby's Cellar. Around this time, Dante/Tony is just doing his own thing, giving Nell Goldstein, his personal gunsmith as well as his unofficial surrogate mother (as stated by Gilver and demonstrated between both Tony and Nell's interactions and attachments to each other, as he resembles her son and is thus as much her surrogate son as she is his surrogate mother) a visit to modify a gun he took off of Denvers. As for Tony/Dante, she's probably the one person he ever let his guard down around the most. Tony encounters Denvers again, but this time he's just pieces of a corpse barely being held together, most of all his head, which hangs by a single vein or tendon. Grue managed to take out all of these fresh zombies, but at the end of the novel, Gilver replaces those numbers by killing every single regular in Bobby's Cellar, including Bobby, and turning them into his zombie army, leaving them with a slight bit of consciousness and will so as to let the second and new Nexus feed off of their misery, as that is what kept the gate to hell open and growing. Tony/Dante found her after he rushed there the moment he found out she was there, just to see her, then to save her when he found that the sanatorium had been overrun. Throughout the novel, Tony exhibits signs of a demon but is in fact mostly human, whereas Gilver, or Vergil, is mostly demon and posing as a human, covered in a suit and bandages. That way, there would be no way for Gilver to be caught off guard and therefore no way to lose to Tony/Dante. What happens to awaken Dante within Tony Redgrave is the death of his surrogate mother, Nell Goldstein. Right after a visit with her where she was especially curt but Tony accepted she'd open up next time, Gilver pops in, gives her a fatal wound to the back, and sets the entire building on fire. As she never knew him as Dante, Tony Redgrave's name was engraved into them, as well as her personal shop's name, original spelling error and all. He forgot his name Dante and he forgot who he was and he became Tony Redgrave, even with a slightly different personality. His friend and an informant Enzo (the ONLY survivor out of everyone Dante knew in the novel, even the slut who drug him home to sleep with him was possessed and slit her wrists and bled out for her contact with him). Dante ends up moving to a new city and starting up a business called Devil May Cry, where Enzo will often still throw jobs his way, often jobs that nobody else will take but need to be done. The informant Enzo is a reoccuring character originating from the Devil May Cry series, but he's never been in a single game.

This is my first time reading a book like this, and I really enjoyed it. It definitely stands out from most YA genre books. Instead he stands at the top of his game, the best at what he does to survive. I will definitely be looking to read more in this series, and I will be recommending it to all my friends. Book nerds and game nerds alike.

Along came a Japanese pop novel based on the video game series Devil May Cry (which is based on Dante's Inferno).

It soon becomes clear that Gilver is behind all of the recent trouble and the disappearances of Tony's friends. ----- If your interested in the Devil May Cry series, anime or scifi/action novels then you'll proably like this book.

It explains about his past and probably why he isn't very close to anyone in the games.

Dante is approached by a man named Morrison to deliver a young heiress Patty to her inheritance.