by Deborah Smith

When she kidnaps him, he overwhelms her with passion.

  • Series: Douglas Kincaid
  • Language: English
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Rating: 3.77
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: March 1st 1990 by Loveswept
  • Isbn10: 0553440268
  • Isbn13: 9780553440263

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"Legends" is the story of Elgiva and Douglas. Waking up in a makeshift cell, he realizes that he is in a deserted cottage in the Scottish lands he had recently vied to takeover, and soon comes to know more about his beautiful yet kind captor Elgiva MacRoth. They engage in magical lovemaking, only to be soon confronted with the village full of kidnappers, and later Douglas's rescuers. Soon the kidnapper turns the captive as Douglas whisks Elgiva away to his rich and lavish life, vowing to teach her a lesson. But both their feelings have changed, and soon Douglas realizes that Elgiva would rather have his heart, than all the money and comforts he could afford.

I was instantly infatuated, and I was more than willing to grab onto the chance to read and review this novel. But its not like she is abusing him in anyway, she is keeping him warm, feed, clothed, and has all his commodities from home available to him. Even if Elgiva is one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen, not to mention once he gets her going, one of the most sensual. Deborah Smith has written a strong and very likable heroine that I would totally want to befriend or live up to if I knew this woman in real life. I was left wanting more of Deborah Smith, and loving the fact that Douglas and Elgiva were getting their happily ever after!

A daring kidnapping of Douglas Kincaid, the man behind the money ends with him locked in a cell in her small remote cottage in Scotland, where she hopes to not only keep him captive until time has run out on his deal to purchase her familys estate, but also to get him to fall in love with Scotland. Determined to use her time with Douglas to put an end to the centuries-old feud, Elgiva is astonished by not only her physical attraction to Douglas, but also to how badly she may have misjudged him.

Elgiva MacRoth is a strong, smart Scotswoman who is willing to do whatever it takes to save her village from being purchased for the estate of Douglas Kincaid, a billionaire who engages in numerous, although unnamed, business activities. I enjoyed this story for the dialogue among the characters, and the tongue-in-cheek approach to Douglas business dealings and lifestyle.

For one, it was a lot shorter than I thought (eBook wise) but I don't think I would have wanted it to be any longer.

So I enjoyed this book. Hot and mega-rich guy getting kidnapped by a woman made to be a very interesting start to the book. Now, I liked both of them a lot, but this was one book where I liked the heroine more than the hero. But the plot of the book was really good and it captivated me right from the start. Yes, but I didn't really love the ending. I feel like I don't really understand him, even after the whole book. But I felt it didn't truly show who he was, at least not the way Elgiva knew him.

Douglas Kincaid, a billionaire, isn't used to of being not in control and the fact that the woman holding him against his will is just about as proud and stubborn as he is. Elgiva's plan is simple, hold Kincaid in the little cottage until he can't be trouble for her village, easy enough. But what is not easy is when the man behind the bars is gorgeous and seems to eye her in a way that makes her stomach twist in the very good way.

Legends was an exciting, fun chess game of intrigue, attraction, and love. For all the contemporary romance novels in the market today, Legends is one that I will remember due to it's off kilter premiss, endearing characters, sweet love story, and Sam (a brilliant dog). Elgiva is heir to land in Scotland that Douglas is planning on acquiring. The ever changing strategies and leaders (Douglas and Elgiva) kept the story moving at a nice pace.

Legends by Deborah Smith Loveswept eISBN-978-0-307-79666-0 Douglas Kincaid is a self-made billionaire and his name was stamped on everything he owned, even an Island. Legends and the family's heritage was important to the MacRoth clan of Druradeen, Scotland. Elgive wanted to remind Douglas of the legends of the Kincaids as well but he refused to believe he had roots here. The legend of the MacRoth and Kincaid feud is.

Elgiva is a widow and plans to keep Douglas in the cell for a month till his agreement to buy option runs out. Elgiva is also planning to teach him about his own history of the Kincaid clan, She plans to take care of him feed him well and promises he won't be hurt. After Elgiva story is a lot of book excerpts from different authors that will be available again.

aka Jackie Leigh aka Della Stone aka Leigh Bridger Bestselling Author Co-founder, co-publisher Vice-president, Editor in Chief BelleBooks, Memphis, TN Deborah Smith is the New York Times bestselling author of A Place to Call Home, and the No. 1 Kindle Bestseller The Crossroads Cafe, A Gentle Rain and other acclaimed romantic novels portraying life and love in the modern Appalachian South. For the past fifteen years Deborah has partnered with Debra Dixon to run BelleBooks, a small press originally known for southern fiction, including the Mossy Creek Hometown Series and the Sweet Tea story collections.