by Jack Ketchum

Hoping to escape from her abusive ex-husband, a woman and her lover successfully carry out their plot to murder him, only to find themselves at the mercy of an obsessive, twisted stranger who witnessed the crime.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Horror
  • Rating: 3.69
  • Pages: 245
  • Publish Date: February 1st 1995 by Berkley
  • Isbn10: 0425145662
  • Isbn13: 9780425145661

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One: I'm often one of the first to submit a review before reading other writers' critiques in my SHU program. His prose is real, and he dives into storytelling in a way that is different from others. And that is what is important in this story when you read it. Another thing I really liked about the way Ketchum put this book together is that he plays with your thoughts as you read. Where you might think at one point she's one hell of a bitch, later you discover she had real reasons for wanting her ex-husband dead. But then you have to consider, is there ever a real reason for wanting someone dead? There were places on the pages that a comma would have been beneficial and kept me from reading the same sentence over a few times to catch the meaning. I've heard others call this book "in your face" writing, but I'd rather describe it as "stare in the mirror" prose.

Ketchum is quite satisfying when I reach for his stories; the horror and gore are based on things that with some stretch of really bad luck could really happen to someone which he balances on that too close to comfort crossing line perfectly.

Ketchum is a horror writer by title, but his writing is so artful, and rings so true emotionally that I would just call him an amazing novelist period. Ketchum is to be commended for writing books that make the reader really think.

Jack Ketchum is a sick man, but he's so damned good at it. The book is about a man teeetering on the edge of lunacy that witnesses a wife and her lover kill the evil husband, then decides that it looks like fun.

Its at this time he sees a couple committing a brutal murder, and its this act that awakens Wayne's inner-psycho. He wants witnesses to his senseless reign of terror and who better to observe than the couple that he just watched murder a man This manuscript brings its reader sex, horror, and mayhem the three things that Ketchum has always been so talented at bringing to life.

Im going to be honest in the reasoning in my reasons for buying Jack Ketchums Joyride. But along comes Leisure who have released an impressive catalogue of Ketchums work, and give us Weed Species as a bonus story with the novel Joyride. This is the most rape-tastic story I have ever read. We got rape! We got date rape! We got anal rape! We got oral rape! We got lesbian rape! We got torturous rape! However, Weed Species certainly would have aced it in the full-on rape stakes. Seriously, I cannot warn you enough, if you have a nervous disposition regarding rape, do not read this story.

A onetime actor, teacher, literary agent, lumber salesman, and soda jerk, Ketchum credited his childhood love of Elvis Presley, dinosaurs, and horror for getting him through his formative years. Ketchum worked many different jobs before completing his first novel (1980's controversial "Off Season"), including acting as agent for novelist Henry Miller at Scott Meredith Literary Agency.