The Conquest

The Conquest

by Julia Templeton

Now she must spend her life with a man who could never satisfy the needs of someone so ripe and willing.When handsome Adelstan Cawdor is hired to escort Rhiannon to her betrothed, one look at her and he is smitten.

She yearns to be rescued-and taken by a man like Adelstan, regard of betraying a formidable foe like the baron.

But when Rhiannon's life is threatened, Adelstan's prepared to do anything to win his lovely prize, and save her from the terrible consequences of another man's vengeance.

  • Series: The Bargain
  • Language: English
  • Category: Adult Fiction
  • Rating: 3.73
  • Pages: 272
  • Publish Date: August 5th 2008 by Berkley Trade
  • Isbn10: 0425223418
  • Isbn13: 9780425223413

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Sir Adelstan Cawtor has been sent to Castle MacKay to retreive Lady Rhiannon MacKay and escort her across the country to Lord Malgor, the Norman knight her father betrothed her to. But the deception backfires...Adelstan & Rhiannon meet and it's love at first sight. Will Adelstan declare his love for Rhiannon and risk treason or will he ignore his heart and allow the marriage to continue as planned? It is just as good and just as steamy and leads you right into "The Conquest". I'm looking forward to JT's continued writing...keeping my favorite sub-genre alive!

He knows he will win his own fief in time, but has never regretted that decision until Adelstans current lord, Malgor, sends him to fetch and escort back home his recently betrothed bride, Rhiannon. From the moment Adelstan first sees Rhiannon, he knows hes in troubleand bitterly regrets turning down the fief that went to Malgor. Rhiannon has been full of questions and fears since her father announced her upcoming marriage to Lord Malgor. The more time she spends with Adelstan, the surer she becomes that he is the only man she will ever love. Although Im not normally a big fan of Middle Ages historicals, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in Julia Templetons Scotland.

And don't even get me started on how ridiculous and convenient it was that (view spoiler)his mistress killed him in a fit of passion so Rhiannon was free and all his lands went to Adelstan.

I liked the plot and the characters. They do get their HEA but the plot twists made for a fast paced reading.

This story was alright though the first book, "The Bargain" was much better. but what I really didn't care for was that even as the story goes, there still wasn't anything that I could tell that would make Rhiannon someone you would fall in love with right away. The only good thing about the book, and the thing that gave this one its second star was the relation ship between the second characters Adelsten's friend Jordan and Rhiannon's maid Elspeth...

I have read other Julia Templeton books before and I have liked most of them. As many if not more sex scenes are shown between the servant and her lovers as the MCs. The most upsetting part is that at the end, we know what happedned to Riahnnon but not the maid. She gets a background and a lot of story time to just leave her out at the end.

Good Until the End This book had me hot throughout.

I have wonderful memories of my childhooda mother who was always at home, a father who worked hard to give us a good life, and a sister and brother who always looked out for me. When I was all of 14 years old, I met Kip Templeton, my brother's best friend, and the man I would one day marry. That book started a love of the genre that would spark a desire to write my own stories. Two kids and many years later I sat down at my computer and started writing a romance novel. During my illness I had lost my desire to write, but eventually I felt that familiar urge to sit down and start a new story, and I did just that. Since then, I have sold time-travel, historical, vampire and contemporary romances to Berkley, Avon, Ellora's Cave, Cerridwen Press, Hard Shell Word Factory and Triskelion. I still live in Washington with my husband Kip, who is my biggest cheerleader (I even talked him into modeling for my historical romance SURRENDER TO LOVE).