Decelerate Blue

Decelerate Blue

by Adam Rapp

But the truth is she's not alone.Angela finds herself recruited into a resistance movement where the key to rebellion is taking things slow.

Can they free the rest of the world before the powers that be shut down their utopian experiment?From revolutionary and award-winning playwright Adam Rapp and veteran cartoonist and animator Mike Cavallaro comes a dark, breath-taking new vision of an all-too-plausible future for America.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Sequential Art
  • Rating: 3.22
  • Pages: 208
  • Publish Date: February 14th 2017 by First Second
  • Isbn10: 1442000813
  • Isbn13: 9781442000810

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Decelerate Blue is a YA text, focused on a girl who (for some unnamed reasons) does not want to GO fast and Be Hyper, which is what society wants, what her parents want and want for her. One teacher gives her an influential (but undescribed) fictional book, Kick the Boot, for the resistant underground, a group of oddballs she thereupon joins, who want to have their govrernment-implanted hyper-chips removed, and who want to take this drug that will slow them down, Decelerate Blue. Another one is also silly, about adverbs; the resistance likes adverbs, they (including Rapp, obviously) would hate Hemingway's and Stephen Kings stand against them: Though I do like some of the wordless pages, and the illustration style of Mike Cavallaro:

Angela's parents are on board with everything the Guarantee Committee is selling. After reading a book called Kick the Boot Angela realizes she isn't alone. Soon she finds herself at the center of a radical movement determined to slow society down in Decelerate Blue (2017) by Adam Rapp, illustrated by Mike Cavallaro. Decelerate Blue is short on answers. Decelerate Blue takes on a lot of things to create an interesting sci-fi dystopian comic but it doesn't always negotiate the form well leading to questions of how the story might have functioned with different artistic choices or even as a novel with a bit more development.

Rapp is a thoughtful, brainy writer. :) More accessible than Rapps other GN.

Angela stumbles upon the "underground" rebels and soon falls in love with Gladys, one of the group's members. Although this story will not be out until February, I just couldn't wait any longer to read and review it.

"Books don't change lives... People change lives... Imagine a place where you are told what to do, what to eat, what to read and even where to buy your clothes. Living in the underground world and slowing down the processes while above everyone is speeding up. She joins the rebellion to live a life she wants.

This story is set in a future society where speed and efficiency are the most important things. The main character, Angela is a typically rebellious teenager. There Angela meets Gladys, a young girl who helps her acclimate to the underground environment. Angela and Gladys develop a relationship and fall in love. This is a graphic novel and uses mostly black & white illustrations.

It felt really rushed.

"For those readers who are ready to be challenged by a serious work of shockingly realistic fiction," notes SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, "it invites both an emotional and intellectual response, and begs to be discussed." Adam Rapps first novel, MISSING THE PIANO, was named a Best Book for Young Adults as well as a Best Book for Reluctant Readers by the American Library Association. "Rapps prose is powerful, graphic and haunting," says SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL.