Theodora Twist

Theodora Twist

by Melissa Senate

Ill think of something.Well thats what Theodora pays her agent $100,000 a year for, isnt it?

Theodora Twist is the girl everyone wants to be.

Producers court her, fans mob her, and the tabloids cover everything.Emilys life is Boring with a capital B.

Shes a 16-year-old nobody to everyone, including her own mother.

She lives in Theodora Twists former house.

But shes about to get Twisted.

On a reality show meant to clean up Theodoras party girl repwith Emilys family as host.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Young Adult
  • Rating: 3.47
  • Pages: 224
  • Publish Date: May 23rd 2006 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers
  • Isbn10: 0385733011
  • Isbn13: 9780385733014

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Such is the case of THEODORA TWIST, a book that deals with a sixteen-year old Hollywood starlet, a beautiful teen who has experienced more in her young life than I'll ever experience in mine. The problem starts when Theodora Twist, young star and Hollywood's darling, gets caught one too many times in a scandalous situation. THEODORA TWIST is a quick, fun read that will appeal to readers on many levels.

She didn't need to show to prove to anyone that she was a normal teenager, because she was. She faced the same exact problems Emily faced; both of their fathers died when they were 12, they were in love with a boy (in Theodora's case, 2 boys) who only wanted them for sex, and they just needed someone to be there for them, to talk to. Relatability: It was relatable because the two girls face many of the same problems any teenager faces even if they came from completely different places.

Theodora Twist is a YA novel, and I've kind of drifted away from YA over the last two or three years, so I wasn't sure how well I'd like it, but it was quite enjoyable. Emily Fine is a 16 year old high school student, living an ordinary life in an ordinary town with her mother, stepfather and baby sister. She's to attend high school with Emily and do everything she does, like a normal teenager. It's for a reality show designed to show America that at heart, Theodora IS just like every other teenage girl in America.

Theodora Twist is the girl everyone wants to be. Shes Hollywoods hottest young actress. On a reality show meant to clean up Theodoras party girl repwith Emilys family as host. Theodora is hollywood's hottest young actress who is dating two twin brothers at the same time. This book did not entertain me from page one, but I guess it was interesting, seeing as readers can read the life of a teenager and a young actress.

For Emily, having Theodora around is weird. I liked the general idea of this story.

Theodora is a wonderful character who has half of her heart in hollywood and the other half as a "Regular Teen Girl". The storyline was also great. I enjoyed how the storyline progressed and ended.

I'm sticking with it though in the hopes that the first fifty pages just give the entire story an undesirable start but makes up for it with an inspiring, suspenseful, key-to-life ending.

It was nice to see a change come over Theodora by the end of the book.

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