by Sara Shepard

#1 New York Times bestselling seriesThe fourth book in the #1 New York Times bestselling series that inspired the hit ABC Family TV show Pretty Little Liars.Four pretty little liars charmed lives have turned into living nightmares. Emilys been shipped off to Iowa to live with her überconservative cousins. Arias boyfriend is behind barsbecause of her. Spencers afraid she was involved in Alis murder. But Hannas fate is far worse: Shes clinging to life in the hospital because she knew too much. These liars have tried to keep their scandals secret, but the truth is about to rock their pretty little world!Full of unexpected twists and shocking revelations, Unbelievable is the fourth book in New York Times bestselling author Sara Shepards compelling Pretty Little Liars series.

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Then were back where we left off, as all the characters gather in a hospital waiting room to hear whether Hanna has survived her cliff-hanger car accident. Aria has attended, but is less concerned with her friends potential death than with telling the police that another friend (Spencer, for reasons mentioned in the previous book) is probably the mystery killer. Luckily Officer Wilden, the only local policeman, is fully aware of the details of every teenage girl in Rosewoods love-life from 3 years ago and is also slightly less stupid than Aria, so he is able to point out that none of the previous book made sense and Aria is wrong. Meanwhile Hanna has some sort of near-death-experience vision thing that makes no sense and basically consists of the whole prologue written out again, presumably for padding. Arias teacher-boyfriend loses his job due to his inappropriate sexual behaviour, but thanks to the typically lacklustre Rosewood Police Department there are no legal ramifications and he is free to continue to molest young girls as he wishes. Elsewhere, Emilys trip to Iowa turns out to be a disappointment; although the phrase American Gothic is used a few times, in lieu of Shepard actually evoking it (not a possibility with her limited skills), it almost immediately turns out that Iowa is exactly the same as Rosewood, but with less money and a backdrop the author admits to lifting from the lazy American remake of the Ring Ring 1 film. Emilys cousins all turn out to be obsessed with parties and sex, and she immediately meets a sexy lesbian who fancies her. Arias brother Mike continues to be a sex obsessed pig and potential rapist, but no one cares. The Rosewood Stalker is mentioned once a chapter, but continues to refrain from actually doing anything. Mike the pervert sexually harasses some nurses and the bed-bound Hanna for a bit, even though theres no reason for him to be at the hospital. Mike sexually harasses Emily again about her lesbianism, but shes pretty sure he isnt doing it in a mean way, so thats okay. Everybody gathers periodically to restate everything they know about the murder/blackmail stuff, come up with no new ideas, and then leave. Spencers recovered memories and Hannas prophetic dreams continue periodically, just in case the reader was in danger of taking any of this seriously for a second. The party also serves as an opportunity for Rosewoods second police officer to appear and start questioning teen girls about a delicate matter right in the middle of a massive social occasion. Hanna gives a swift eulogy fondly recalling the time when she and Mona came to the same quarry to deliberately sexually tease young boys with a swimsuit fashion show, and the blackmail problem is solved. Moving on to the issue of the murderer, the police immediately head to arrest Melissas ex-ex-boyfriend-ex, or whatever he is now, Ian on the hearsay evidence of the accusation of a potential crazy blackmailer. Hannas parents swap houses for some reason, whilst Hanna reflects on how her best friends death will leave her with no competition for the position of most popular girl in school. Worst Competitive Swimming Slogan LOVE AN ANIMAL, HUG A SWIMMER Stupidest Names Dyson Brett, Todd and Xavi Trista Taylor Most Obvious Sign of an Eating Disorder Which Goes Unquestioned Hanna demanding to know how many calories shes getting via her hospital IV drip, and realising delightedly that shes lost some weight whilst she was in her coma. Leaving aside the use of the term busted-out, can guessing that a girl whos been in a major car accident will be on painkillers really be considered insider medical knowledge? Most Snobbish Social Comment Hanna crammed into the back of Wildens squad car next to Aria and Emily. A beautiful blonde girl dies in mysterious circumstances leaving behind a potentially clue-filled and scandalous diary and a whole town of people obsess over her death, trying to uncover her secrets and discover the identity of her murderer. The biggest puzzle of all is how, given Shepard ran out of any ideas somewhere near the beginning of the second book, this series can be continued.

Unbelievable continued to follow Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily as A stalks and threatens them. Aria is forced to move in with her father and Meredith, Emily is forced to move to Iowa and Spencer is forced to compete in the Golden Orchid competition.

The girls just wait; will Hanna remember who "A" is? Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily start to learn that maybe they need to try to work together and find out who "A" is. The little tendrils of friendship, from Aria in the waiting room of the hospital, worried for her friend, Hanna, to Spencer helping Mona plan Hanna's vigil, begin to show how these girls aren't so different, how they could really be friends again if they tried. From home life, to new friendships, to breaking down the walls between family, each girl doesn't end the story as messed up as they began. I definitely have plans to continue this series...only, I need a break. So I'll take a break with a few other books, before continuing my PLL marathon! As with the other books in the PLL series, I would recommend this to mature teens, 16+.

(Hey, it's Monday morning, go easy on me) I added a lot of drama in my reactions while I was reading this, since I think these books bring out my inner queen. It was the funniest thing I've heard all year. Just when I think I've got it figured out, something else happens that completely mixes things up.

But as of right now if I had to choose, I think throughout the whole series, I've been leaning towards Aria, especially her relationship with Ezra, I really really hope he comes back in this next book!