by Garry Kilworth

From hat-stand forests, to towering hills of old musical instruments, deserts of old books and a great water-tank lake, the vast continent they stumble upon is one of limit surprises - and that's before they meet the inhabitants: strange clans of small and lumpen people who live in homes constructed from all manner of found things and drive vehicles powered by old sewing-machine parts.

It is against this remarkable backdrop that the three children will embark on a spellbinding adventure to recover a prized possession, save a life, and - somehow - find a way back home.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Rating: 3.44
  • Pages: 352
  • Publish Date: May 3rd 2007 by Atom
  • Isbn10: 1904233562
  • Isbn13: 9781904233565

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I was reading the last chapters of the book outside, and I sat muttering to myself, 'Don't become a board-comber, Alex! You JERK!' As to if Alex really DOES, you will have to read the book to find out. In the very beginning, Mr Grantham asked if she was reading 'One of them Harry Potters?' I laughed aloud, I LOVE the Harry Potter books. I really liked that chapter, 'A Visit To the Under World', it was unusual and a little bit more than cool that, by entering the real world where one doesn't belong, one could change TIME and SPACE forever. Speaking of time and space, yet another cool character was the board-comber and his bat. 'No, no--I'm not saying I want you for a girlfriend,' he added, 'I just think you're--you're really cool.' This was not the first time he had used phrases or words which meant very little to her. The organist didn't understand that.' 'What I meant was,' he said desperately, 'is that I like you and I think you're great company.' She gave him an elvish grin. Attica is a simply wonderful and amazing book about three kids who enter who the strange and dangerous world of Attica.

After listening to his outstanding narration of Attica, I will be searching out more titles read by Vance. Middle grade readers will likely enjoy the strange creatures introduced,the sense of adventure, and the relationship between the kids.

I find it cold and hard to get into and I've read over half the book.

I like good characters. I like faulted characters. A woooonderful fantasy world has been created here, there's just not the best cast to explore it. If you enjoy your fantasy worlds beautiful, vast, imaginative, and pretty creepy, I say this book belongs on your to-read list.

When the three of them begin their journey they come across a whole new world, Attica.

There is also a feel of the Fairyland books.

He sends them into the attic in search of a lost pocket watch one that means a lot to him and thats where the adventure begins. One moment they are in their normal attic, searching through piles of dusty junk, but as they move further into the space, they begin to notice strange things. Maybe thats also a strength, because it shows how varied readers can be in their likes and dislikes.) While I do agree with this other reviewer that the children accept their surroundings and survive in Attica too easily, that doesnt take away from my enjoyment of the story. And besides, the kids are plopped into this whole other world where they must adapt quickly, because theres nothing gained by refusing to accept whats right in front of you, especially when that will get you killed; the book would be tremendously boring if they spent the first 50 pages keening piteously about their fate or something. Alex's development in particular was well-done; he's always felt like an outsider, but in Attica, he's happy: he learns to rely on himself, and he feels like he belongs, so much so that he almost becomes first a board comber, then a bortrekker.