Topping from Below

Topping from Below

by Laura Reese

An explosive, erotic novel about two sisters, each of whom embarks upon a voyage into the heart of evil and a game with a seductive man who knows no rules or limits.

Nora vows to seek justice for the sister she never really knew and undertakes a daring scheme to seduce this lethal and manipulative man in the hope of uncovering information about the murder.

And she is in danger, although it may be from someone much closer to her than M., someone so close she might not see it until it is too late.With an ending as startling as it is haunting, Topping From Below is unlike any novel youre ever read.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Adult Fiction
  • Rating: 3.42
  • Pages: 384
  • Publish Date: April 15th 1996 by St. Martin's Griffin
  • Isbn10: 0312144350
  • Isbn13: 9780312144357

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So the message, whether intentional or not, is : some women like pain. One review said something like this book is crap, the really good no-holds-barred BDSM novel which is actually really well written is Topping from Below. If you take the S&M stuff out of this novel you have an adequately written stupid thriller. He immediately tells her ah, you think I killed your sister and you're going to try to find evidence! M likes to beat women, tie them up and that kind of thing. Example 2 The boyfriend proposes mummification. Example 2 The boyfriend proposes mummification. It might last for hours, time will mean nothing to you, and I won't unwrap you until it sounds like you're beginning to breathe funny." Girlfriend says, ooh yes, let's do that now! She knows she'll never get anyone remotely like this again, it's a one time thing. "Hey, M - You know, she really didn't consent, did she? " (Cops say: Some guys think that if the woman gives him a blow job while he's pointing a gun at her, that's consent. "Yeah well she consented." - quote from a book called "What Cops Know") Consent is the thing this novel plays around with the most Nora never consents to being tied up and whipped but M does so anyway and she fights and screams and all of that and - oh really well I never - after he's done beating her she finds that she in some mystical way really enjoyed it as he knew she would. But then she also throws in stuff like this speech by M : You're going to enjoy this, Nora. Okay, now here are a couple of quotes from the blurbs on the back: Fiendishly horny, unexpectedly affecting Mary Gaitskell Sex is kinky and love is twisted. She appears to be nine or ten." That's right, Mr Naughty but Consensual Bondage likes kiddieporn. Then later, this fiendishly horny novel gives us a detailed scene between our heroine Nora and M's Great Dane. (So according to Mary Gaitskell kiddieporn and sex with animals is fiendishly horny. I'm so glad I've only ever given Mary Gaitskell bad reviews.) One last point - it's hard to know what Laura Reese thinks about people. Does she really think a woman would get into a sexual relationship with a guy who she thinks tortured her sister to death in order that she might be able to find out something incriminating? It just seems to me that thrillers attempt to portray a realistic believable world (no magical realism, no talking animals) with lots of convincing local details (this takes place very specifically in Davis, California, and, you know, I think the city should sue!) but then populates it with crazy unbelievable characters. I can't think of a way to end this review so I'll just say - don't read this book.

Although the subject matter was an abomination, I cannot and will not give it a low rating, I don't know who this author is, what her internal dialogue was while writing this book. One particular scene, whenever I think about it, I feel claustrophobic!!At the moment I can't even look at my own dog, my mind is just plain raw! Seriously think very carefully before you read this book!

The story basically comes down to this: Nora is a journalist who's younger sister Franny was brutally murdered almost a year ago. After reading Franny's journal Nora finds out her sister was seeing a man named Michael (who Nora mostly refers to as M.). After that, we follow the story from both Nora's POV and from Franny's diary about the encounters they have with M. The story kept me guessing the entire time and still managed to surprise me at the very end.

The story is about Nora and her quest to find her sister Franny's murderer. and other times they had me wondering I could go on and on for days about this book and there is a lot more to the story but honestly I am too lazy to get into any further detail.

This book made me realize that I am not as openminded as I thought I was and that there is a line I would never cross and places I would never go :-S.

A Question for You, Reggie Hi, Reggie, I normally love Paul Bryant's reviews, but his review of "Topping from Below" has me perplexed. First, Paul asks: "Does she the author, Laura Reese really think a woman would get into a sexual relationship with a guy who she thinks tortured her sister to death in order that she might be able to find out something incriminating?" Second, he complains about the doggy fashion (and by that I don't mean canine wardrobe): "Then later, this fiendishly horny novel gives us a detailed scene between our heroine Nora and M's Great Dane. Paul waxes desperate with imagination, but he misses the point that "Topping from Below" is a contemporisation of "Hamlet", a work of literature that risks losing relevance in the world of Facebook and Twitter. "Topping from Below" is "Hamlet" with whips and chains (OK, and, I suppose, symbolic, implied, literary bestiality).

She is an excellent story teller and her sex scenes would have been fine, had she not twisted it up with a murderer. Ms. Reese takes the BDSM lifestyle and perverts it into a demonic sadistic sham for Vanilla people to nod their heads and say, "I KNEW these people were mentally ill. I will not be reading anymore of Ms. Reese's books.

4/4.5 DISTURBINGLY DARK PSYCHOTIC THRILLER STARS Topping From Below is a twisted tale of sex, lies, and suspense but all done in a manner to find justice and retaliation. Once Nora's starts uncovering information through Fanny's diary she is determined to put herself in her sister's shoes to get to the bottom of what had transpired in her sister's life. But oh NO, Nora was a saint compared to the demented, sadistic, Michael. The things done in this book are inconceivable, demented, and disturbing.