by Karen English

A distinctive new voice in children's fictionFrancie lives with her mother and younger brother, Prez, in rural Alabama, where all three work and wait.

Amid the day-to-day grind of working odd jobs for wealthy white folks on the other side of town, Francie becomes involved in helping a framed young black man to escape arrest -- a brave gesture, but one that puts the entire black community in danger.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Historical
  • Rating: 3.84
  • Pages: 208
  • Publish Date: September 25th 2002 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
  • Isbn10: 0374424594
  • Isbn13: 9780374424596

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Every time she work and feels tired, there's always something that lingers in her mind which is the dream that her father sets on her family got her hyper and excited even though she know it is just a dream that won't come true. it teaches you that sometimes don't easily believe other people even though they are very close to you.

The story takes place in rural Alabama, where Francie, our 12-year-old protagonist, lives with her mother and little brother. He doesn't know how to read and Francie is assigned the job of teaching him. Nothing happens until around page 40 when the new boy joins Francie's class and she is asked to teach him to read. I had to force myself to keep reading, waiting for something to happen.

The author, Karen English leaves you the cliff hanger and starts the book en media res giving you unpredictable events happening at different times. Francie, the main character watches the train she wants to be on to carry her to the place where she can have her dream come true. What this certain African American History book brings is straight forward plot and puts you as a reader in the position of the main character. Living in Alabama, the three waited for the day to come where Francies father will bring them to a more free land. During segregation, it wasnt easy to get respect and have freedom but Francie still manage to do all what she has to do for white folks and waited as she worked., Karen, starts off telling you Francies dream but the answer was unknown until the end of the story.

When a teenager she is teaching to read is accused of attempting to murder a white man, Francie faces the choice of whether or not to help him with the risk that will make life become more difficult for her family and all of the other blacks living in her town. Activities to do with the book: There are multiple references to other works of literature, including Nancy Drew mysteries, War and Peace and the poems of Langston Hughes that a teacher could base lessons around. A teacher could also use this book as a basis for lessons on American history, including information on transportation, economic conditions, criminal justice and segregation. A daring teacher could also consider whether some of these small injustices still continue in present-day American society as well.

Jesse went with his father to help work on a farm. I wonder if her father will find them a place in Chicago because everyone around Francie says that she will be stuck in Alabama forever. Francie helps her mother clean houses and attends school in town. There was a new boy named Jesse and he did not know how to read so Francie helped him by tutoring him. One day Jesse stopped coming to school because he had to work on a farm with his father.

(page 10) Francie is living with her mother Lil, and her little brother Prez in Noble Alabama waiting for the day to move to Chicago but after waiting day after day is becoming endless and the thought to be with their father in the North is becoming short. Unfortunately Francie finds out that her father is not living up to his expectations and her dream of starting middle School in Chicago is quickly fading away from her and she and her mother will keep on working at wealthy white people's house that are across the town while her brother is working in the cotton fields. Jesse managed to escape and finally her mother found out a way to move out of Noble Alabama and to be reunited with their father in Chicago.

Her father is working in Chicago and sending money home. Francie begins tutoring Jesse, a young man who can't read. When the sheriff was looking for Jesse he walked into Francie's house to look around without permission.

it is the story of an African American slave which is a child and tries to cover her friend Jesse is in trouble. i feel that i could relate to Francie because i would help a friend in a situation like that and i feel a lot of her characteristics can be matched with myself.

She and the rest of her family work and wait for her father, eventually figuring out that they may never get to move. This decision puts her family and the rest of her community in danger, but she does it because she knows he was framed and innocent.

Francie is a wonderful eighth grade heroine who is stuck in Noble, Alabama between the wars with her mom and brother after her dad promised he'd bring them to Chicago to live after he saved enough as a Pullman Porter.