Pandora Hearts 1巻

Pandora Hearts 1巻

by Jun Mochizuki


  • Series: Pandora Hearts
  • Language: Japanese
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Rating: 4.20
  • Pages: 171
  • Publish Date: November 27th 2006 by スクウェア・エニックス
  • Isbn10: 4757518080
  • Isbn13: 9784757518087

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The one character who very much wasn't an idiot spent half his time pretending to be, but I nonetheless plowed through all 24 volumes (22, as it turned out) in pursuit of his story. And Xerxes Break should have won his princess (and she him.) They'd certainly earned each other. The last three episodes of season 2 are utter gibberish slapped in by the anime people when, I posit, they were told it wasn't to be renewed, so they tried (and failed) to fake up some closure. Addendum: Having been drawn into revisiting this work, I should add that while the work-as-a-whole merely whelmed me, the character of Xerxes "Learn From My Fail" Break gets five stars. Partly to try out my new tablet for manga (brilliant), partly to see if it would make more sense if I gave it a fairer reading not treating most of the rest of the cast and their problems as speed bumps between me and my character of interest. (Possibly for grownups emotionally scarred as children by that Disney movie.) At the very least, I suspect younger readers would process events and character remarks very differently from their seniors. Interesting, reading the end-matter, I discovered its creation took, and took place over, nine years.

I cannot begin to describe how amazing this series is. But because you probably want to know why I gave this series five stars, I'll try. Whether it's an action scene, an emotional moment, or horror and madness, the artwork always delivers. Alice, a Chain from the Abyss also known as B-Rabbit, and Oz's contractee, is, at various times, crazy, heartless, amazing, cunning, and surprisingly vulnerable.

When I first started reading this book, my friend Chloe (who reccommended it to me) told me that "Everything I believed was true was in fact wrong." I'm sure there was more capslock in there. Regardless, back when I started this specific volume I had no idea of how much that would prove to be absolutely correct. Regardless, I'm happy that I kept reading.

I didn't expect I would become addicted to the manga and connect deeply to the characters that much. My lovely characters: OZ, ALICE, GILBERT, BREAK, SHARON, VINCENT, ECHO, REIM, OSCAR, ELLIOT, LEO, ADA <3 The other great characters :Xai, Lacie, Jack, Barma, Glen, Lottie )) I learned so much from the story and from characters. I am so sad that some characters died (view spoiler) Elliot, OSCAR, BREAK, ECHO, OZ AND ALICE (hide spoiler)

How the heck can a person accomplish not looking like a mad person while reading this series (its not that Im actually just crazyhonest)? Okay, now that Im done with my rant, on with the review: I honestly never expected to really like this series and wasnt expecting much from it. Okay The Story: So if you dont already know (its a pretty popular series for good reason), it's got an Alice in Wonderland type thing going on and explores pretty complex themes, primarily identity and existence and how things like the presence/absence of memory, human (or otherwise) bonds/connections, and the past can shape one's identity and sense of self.

So, I decided what better way to divert myself than by rereading a most excellent manga series? Pandora Hearts is one of those series that I knew I would love once I gave it the time it was due. Since I had the basic plot and characters down on this reread, I was able to notice so many other details and nuances to the story.

After reading about how little these mangaka's make, especially if they are not one of the "Big 3", I decided that should I be serious about reading a series, I would purchase it. (I am not being paid to advertise them, I seriously do recommend them with all of my heart because I LOVE anime/manga and those who do as well know just how expensive that shit is!) I paid around $8-9 or so for each, and now have 6 volumes on my self. Soon after, he runs into Alice, who intervened in his ceremony as a black rabbit, and who also came into contact with him after he touched a locket he found on a mysterious grave. Alice proceeds to issue a contract with Oz, which will get both of them out of the Abyss. Alice's whole reason to get out of the Abyss is to recover her scattered memories. Allusions to Alice in Wonderland are very prominent in Pandora Hearts. You can purchase Pandora Hearts here from Rightstuf for $9.74 instead of $13: my link

I've decided I'm re reading the first few volumes of this series before I finally carry on with the rest.