The Empress' New Clothes

The Empress' New Clothes

by Jaid Black

Life on his home planet Tryston takes some getting used to, as the laws of the world cater to erotic hedonism and leave females at the sexual subjugation of the barbarians who claim them.

Enjoy Kyra's spicy escapades as she adjusts to life and love in another dimension.

  • Series: Trek Mi Q'an
  • Language: English
  • Category: Adult Fiction
  • Rating: 3.66
  • Pages: 329
  • Publish Date: November 17th 2006 by Ellora's Cave
  • Isbn10: 0972437703
  • Isbn13: 9780972437707

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Oh, and lets not forget the other law that requires a males brother to gentle his brothers Sacred Mate by bringing her to her peak multiple times. After this, she must be naked at all times while in her Sacred Mate and/or his brothers presence. And lets please not forget the fact that the human women, who yes, have mated with aliens but still retain their human biology, LAY EGGS. Yes, The Empress New Clothes is not just a case of anything goes, but also anyone goes.

*****3.5 "Erotic Alien Abduction" Stars***** Kyra Summers is just leaving a spiritual retreat, when she sees a beautiful muscular warrior. I can only recommend this book to readers looking for an erotic sci-fi experience.

I don't mean to laugh at this book, but how can I not to. I did gave it one star, because the story had no plot and characters were ridiculous, but I don't regret reading it, because it made me laugh. If you would ask me to give you a summery of this book I wouldn't be able to do it if my life depended on it. But I will give you a summery of what *I* thought this book was about. Scratch that, when she wakes up, she finds him latched onto her nipple, fondling her 'you know what'. Kyra have to have genteling ceremony with Zor's brother, Kil, because she needs to feel comfortable with him, if he dies one day, his brother will takes his place. But those moments, that suppose to be erotic, was so hilarious that my iPad fell on the food, I thought the screen got shattered, because I laughed so hard my whole body was shaking. "I remember a performer last year who was able to bring ten warriors to their pleasure at the same time." At. The. Why didn't anybody tell us you hatched eggs for babies around here?" *** "Oh my god!" Kyra cried hysterically, clapping a hand to her forehead. Geri, I'm laying eggs!" *** "Where I come from, women carry their babies nine months before giving birth." "Nine months!" Kil grimaced.

STORY BRIEF: Zor is king of the planet Tryston. She must wear see through clothes in public and must always be naked when alone with Zor or his brother Kil. The author is amazingly creative with all the lusty crazy sexual habits on the planet Tryston. TREK MI QAN SERIES: 5 stars. No Escape Bk 4 (Trek Mi Qan - Conquest) 4 stars. No Fear Bk 5 (Trek MiQan - Conquest) 5 stars. Guide To Trek Mi Q'an (Trek MiQan - Lost In Trek) Trek Mi Qan Related Short Stories: 5 stars. Never a Slave (Trek MiQan - Lost In Trek) Trek Mi Qan not yet published: No Way Out: Jana Bk 6 No Way Out: Dari Bk 7 No Way Out: Kari Bk 8 No Way Out: Armageddon Bk 9 ALL OTHER BOOKS: For a list of my reviews of all Jaid Black books read by me, see my 5 star review of "One Dark Night" posted 4/2/08.

Zor Q'an Tal, High King of Tryston, Emperor of Trek Mi Q'an has finally found his Sacred Mate. Kyra is amazed to find herself the High Queen and Empress to seven dimensions and even more stunned to find herself surrounded by enormous, hunky alien men who look respectfully yet lustfully at her scantily clad body. We follow poor Kyra as she suffers through nightly romps in the sack with her Sacred Mate, Zor and we follow along as she discovers the trials and tribulations of being High Queen. Kyra soon loses her uptight tax accountant ways as she indulges in public displays of affection and couples play. Jaid Black had set up all the sequels in this book and it just whetted my appetite for future stories from Trek Mi Q'an and I can't wait.

I didn't care for a lot of it; oral sex and stimulation from others than your mate is cheating/non committal.

I should be fair and write reviews not only of book I liked but also explain, even if briefly, why I didnt like and wouldnt recommend others.

I'm not really sure how to say what I think about this book. There was no forseeable end to the story, and I wasn't even sure what the overall point was.

Writing as Jaid Black, her books have received numerous distinctions, including a nomination for the Henry Miller award for the best literary sex scene written in the English language.