Maverick's Black Cat

Maverick's Black Cat

by Maggie Casper

It was all in the name of research, or that's what Catarena keeps telling herself every time she meets Maverick online.

In exchange for his knowledge of D/s relationships, Catarena willingly becomes his apt pupil, giving over her mind, body and soul to his commands.

Their relationship seems to be made in online heavenuntil the webcam turns on, unveiling a familiar face to Catarena's startled eyes.Mason can't get his cyber student out of his mind.

  • Series: The Boulevard
  • Language: English
  • Category: Erotica
  • Rating: 3.76
  • Pages: 198
  • Publish Date: April 30th 2006 by Elloras Cave Pub Inc
  • Isbn10: 1419954164
  • Isbn13: 9781419954160

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Decided to write an erotic novel set in the BDSM world, she turns to the internet for research - after all, we all know we can find anything online these days, right? So she dons the cyber name "Black Cat" and joins a cyber sex site to get the info she needs to write a realistic BDSM novel. Mason "Maverick" Broderick knows all about the BDSM lifestyle, even though he isn't either a Dom or, perish the thought, a Sub. He just needs to be the one in control, all the time and all the way, knows how to deliver a good, arousing spanking, and likes to play with toys. So many things (the BDSM scenario, cyber sex, voyeurism, Mason and Caterena's real life relationship, etc.) could have rubbed me the wrong way, but it all worked out fairly well. All in all, this was a very good read, with likable (and a bit kinky) characters, an interesting plot that was more than just about sex and "research", and a nice and satisfying HEA.

Maverick was a man who loved to be in control and knew that he found someone special in Black Cat. They meet at an internet chat room when Catarena aka "Black Cat" is trying to research BDSM for an erotic novel she is writing. Wow was that a hot scene in his office!

Catarena is going to do it. She's going to write her erotic book...about BDSM.

Once the hero and heroine realize they know each other and get together in real-life, they heat things up all over the place with some pretty creative love scenes that have lots of variety. I liked that the authors took a little time out in between all the steamy sex to tell a little bit of story about Catarena writing her book, dealing with her smarmy supervisor at work, and the couple tackling Mason's control issues, as well as showing their relationships with their respective best friends. It's not a lot, but it was just enough to keep me from getting from getting bored with all the sex.;-) After reading Maverick's Black Cat and another similar novel (Hannah Murray's Jane and the Sneaky Dom), I'm beginning to think that some of the best erotic romances are the ones that do focus more on the sexual relationship and don't try to be something else (eg. Since Maverick's Black Cat was a relatively short book that is jam-packed with red-hot lovin', there isn't a great deal of backstory given on Mason and Catarena, but I felt that the authors developed their characters fairly well in the here and now. What I saw of these two characters in this book, I really liked, and if Maverick's Black Cat is any indication of things to come, I'll definitely be looking forward to reading Friends with Benefits as soon as I can get a copy.

Disgusted by the online posters who keep pestering her with invitations for golden showers, BlackCat scurries away and hides in a private chat room that a man named Maverick is hosting. They start talking and pretty soon Cat realizes she's found the perfect font of information and Maverick has discovered a new challenging toy. He's been a dominant his whole life and sees in his little Kitten a fascinating new challenge that he can't wait to meet headon. Furious, Mason is determined to track down his wayward little Kitten but as luck would have it, she falls into his lap while at work. Mason for the most part, doesn't change, but he tries to relax his arrogance and dominating personality for her but when a coworker steps over the line at work, his protective instincts come roaring out as does his love for his wayward little Kitten. Maggie Casper and Lena Matthews helped flesh out the story with two extremely likable characters in Bailey and Sebastain, Catarena and Mason's friends.

Cat wants to write a book and she researches the web on BDSM.

The only thing standing in Catarina's way is she knows very little about the subject, other than what she has read in books. Wanting to find the truth behind the mystery, Catarina finds herself a fetish chat room looking to research the subject further.

It was close, but I'm stubborn, I guess. I took a break at around 62% & thought that I would dnf.

Maggie admits to writing some in high school but when life got in the way, she put her pen and paper up.