The Secret Mistress - Satu Malam Saja

The Secret Mistress - Satu Malam Saja

by Emma Darcy

Namun cintanya langsung padam ketika ibu pria itu memberitahu Shontelle bahwa Luis telah bertunangan dengan wanita lain, wanita yang sederajat dengannya.

Pria itu menuntut Shontelle menemaninya sepanjang malam itu.

Apa yang akan dihadapi Shontelle-malam penuh kejujuran, cinta, atau balas dendam?

  • Language: Indonesian
  • Category: Category Romance
  • Rating: 2.99
  • Pages: 222
  • Publish Date: 2005 by Gramedia Pustaka Utama
  • Isbn10: 9792216758
  • Isbn13: 9789792216752

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This one starts with the h's brother calling up the H in La Paz, Bolivia and asking him to use his many business contacts to get him a bus. The H was NOT engaged to anybody and only loved the h and wanted to escape the pressurizing manipulation tactics of his mother. As they are getting ready to evacuate, the h tells the H what his mother did to break them up and the H realizes that if he wants his beloved h back, he is going to have to do a major recovery operation. ED gives us a very thrilling escape from La Paz - they are stopped by a tank and the h has to throw herself over the H while her brother does some fast talking about all of them being Australian tourists. After we are all safely on our way, the H asks the h if she wants a little justice for the heartbreak and pain that his mother has inflicted on them. The h agrees and the H has plan, he wants to firmly remind his mother that he is tired of being forced into his older brother's shoes. Since the H's whole life became a wasteland when the h ditched him, he sorta aimlessly went along with things, but now that he has another shot at happiness with the h, he is going to go full out madman and put the big time kibosh on his mother's plans. The two of them storm the party, right as the H's mother is set to make the big engagement announcement. The H preempts his mother and gets his younger brother on his side and the malicious wanna be fiancee - whom the H has never had much to do with- is told she is a devious, manipulative cow right to her and her father's face. After a very romantic tango and a beautiful H declaration that he has never and will never want any other woman but her, the H and h make a start on forgiving the H's very tormented mother and we go to find our best feathered and flowered hats, cause ED is giving us a glorious wedding to attend. The H's mother's manipulations are not easily forgiven by the H either, tho the h intervenes quite nicely when she realizes how the H's mother losing her eldest son so horribly must have damaged the entire family in ways the h would have never had to think about.

(view spoiler) The H and the h were separated due to treachery on the part of his family, which seemed to be supported by the fact that he'd kept her isolated from his life -- he was VERY possessive and wanted them to live in the bubble as long as possible. His possessiveness and her absolute misery result in him taking advantage of her two years later when they cross paths because she finds herself in a very dangerous situation and needs his help.

Shontelle left Luis two years ago when she found out via his mother and the woman he was supposedly marrying that she was just a cheap little affair while he filled in time before settling down with a woman of his own culture. Vengeance is mine, sayeth Luis with an evil laugh. This time we have a heroic hero who despite despising his ex, after treating her like a cheap tart in revenge for her treating him like a Latino pool boy, he is going to personally risk his life to ensure her safety...and incidentally a whole busload of Aussi tourist. Luis is an excellent groveler.

unfortunately it had no substance; no intense emotions involved.

Tricked into believing Luis Angel Martinez was committed to marrying another woman, and convinced he had drawn her into being his secret mistress, Shontelle had ended their affair, declaring he'd been no more to her than an interesting Latin lover.Two years on, Luis wasn't married and he was the only man who could get her brother's tour group out of dangerin exchange for one more night with her.

Emma Darcy's life journey has taken as many twists and turns as the characters in her stories, whose international popularity has resulted in over sixty-million book sales.