Broken Wings

Broken Wings

by V.C. Andrews

Three girls from different worlds with one thing in common: They were born to be wild.

That's where her mom hopes to strike gold -- and where Robin finds nothing but trouble.

Teal...This rich girl will do anything to get her parents' attention...even break the law.

But after she takes things too far for the guy she adores, Teal loses their trust completely -- and is treated like a prisoner in her own home.

Meet Robin, Teal, and Phoebe again in the exciting sequel to Broken Wings -- look for Midnight Flight, coming soon from V.C. Andrews and Pocket Star Books!

  • Series: Broken Wings
  • Language: English
  • Category: Young Adult
  • Rating: 3.85
  • Pages: 480
  • Publish Date: May 1st 2003 by Pocket Star
  • Isbn10: 0671039970
  • Isbn13: 9780671039974

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Broken Wings by V.C. Andrews First in the Broken Wings Duology 2.5 stars Broken Wings follows three girls: Robin, Teal, and Phoebe. Teal is a rich girl who will do anything to get her parents attention even break the law. Broken Wings was told in three parts and each part focused on one of the girls and her story. I think my biggest one was Teals story. Whimsical Writing Scale: 3 The main female characters are Robin, Teal, and Phoebe. I dont think Robins mistake at the end of her story was a good choice. Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: Robin- 4.25 Teal- 2.75 Phoebe- 4 The main male characters were Keefer, Del, and Ashley. They were already pretty messed up and it seems likes these boys just made their problems worse. Swoon Worthy Scale: Keefer- 2 Del- 1 Ashley- Disgrace The Villain- I think the villain can be considered the girls own mentality towards things and just everything in general they went through. Villain Scale: 2.5 Character Scale: 3.5 Broken Wings was a really good read and I dont think its something V.C. Andrews wouldve written if she was alive, but I still enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading the sequel (whenever that may be). You know how there are just some things you look at and you just dont like, well thats how it is for me when I look at the cover.

I hated this book that much.

The courts though have other ideas in their heads about what to do with these girls....This is where the story ends and you,if you wish,want to find out what happens to them,must pick up the sequel to this book and that's where "Midnight Flight" comes in.

At first, it reminded me of the Wildflowers series, since this book also was about troubled girls. Her last straw is hooking up with a boy like her who wants to run away, but to get money, they hold up the store Robin works in and get caught. Her last straw is running away with a guy she likes after taking a large amount of money from her father's safe.

One of Teals classmates name was Ashley (later mistyped to Ainsley) and the boy in Phoebes story was named Ashley. A band member in Robins story was named Del, and Teals special guy was named Del. It just seemed as though no thought was put into making these characters original.

The book is broken up into three sections, one for each girl: Robin, Teal and Phoebe. Perhaps a teenage girl would enjoy these books more than I did.

I'll be reading the followup book which is a story of how the 3 girls interact once they get to their new reform school.

Books published under the following names - Virginia Andrews, V. She spent her happy childhood years in Portsmouth, Virginia, living briefly in Rochester, New York. The Andrews family returned to Portsmouth while Virginia was in high school. Her new-generation Gothic novel reached the bestseller lists a mere two weeks after its 1979 paperback publication by Pocket Books. Petals on the Wind, her sequel to Flowers, was published the next year, earning Virginia a $35,000 advance. The second book remained on the New York Times bestseller list for an unbelievable nineteen weeks (Flowers also returned to the list).