Caress and Conquer

Caress and Conquer

by Connie Mason

CAPTIVE OF PASSIONLovely, young, and poverty-stricken, Amanda Prescott was forced to support herself and her invalid mother any way she could.

Her master turned out to be none other than dashing plantation owner, Tony Brandt, the very man who had unwittingly caused Amanda's downfall.

Soon Amanda found herself held captive by another's desire, and only Tony's consuming love could win her freedom.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.48
  • Pages: 480
  • Publish Date: October 1st 1999 by Love Spell
  • Isbn10: 0505523434
  • Isbn13: 9780505523433

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2. Man, Connie Mason's writing really annoys me. 3. Damn, the Indians really did stop their gang rape of Amanda because she starts her period!

Raping nobility Raping prison guards Raping overseers Raping hero Raping sailors Raping savage Indians who can't get heap big fill of white flesh Raping scorned woman who uses men to rape in her place Raping black buck who doesn't really rape but is forced to simulate rape Let's move on to the racism. All men of color want virginal white flesh. Turns out, that all a woman needs to recover from rape is a couple nights of abstinence and the love of her first rapist/lover. Life is hard for a plantation owner of noble birth when he buys a woman who has been raped a lot and then lets her get raped over and over--even raping her himself.

The villain was hysterically evil and the racism toward slaves and the Indians was so stereotypical and blatant that it was almost like the author was trying to offend us (i.e. an episode of South Park) in order to make a larger point. Since Amanda wasn't able to get the lace to finish her sewing job on time, things rapidly went even further south for her and she was eventually busted for stealing a loaf of bread to feed her starving/dying mother. Amanda is horrified because she knows who Tony is, but she never tells him (he eventually learns from one of his friends toward the end of the book). Tony wants Amanda, but their love is constantly being thwarted by his mistress Letty. Because of Letty, Amanda is: - nearly whipped by Tony for dropping Letty's birthday cake in her lap (after Letty secretly stabbed her in the leg) - actually whipped by Letty's evil overseer - locked outside during an Indian raid and carried off. - kidnapped while Tony is away and forced to simulate sex with a large slave named 'Buck' in front of the evil overseer and Letty (who's seriously turned on). So, they pretend to go along with Letty's evil plan of getting Amanda pregnant with a black child as her final revenge on Tony who Letty thinks she had murdered anyway. Then his house slave tells him the baby is his and he's like 'oh my god' and starts acting decent again.

Of course, this being bodice ripper land, Amanda fails to properly alert them to the fact that they have made a mistake and when they strip her in a bedroom, instead of trying to escape, she falls asleep naked on the bed. I'm with one of the other reviewers who makes the point that it's hard to fathom how any normal sober woman would be enthused by having a drunken sod, whom she doesn't know and can't see, fall on top of her and have sex with her without so much as a hello and especially an innocent virgin of this time period. The very first time Letty sees Amanda, she creates a scene calling Amanda a whore and strikes her with her riding crop across the face. Tony, who stands by and watches, takes this in his stride, and although he apologises to Amanda, in No Way could it be suggested that he takes any kind of stand to protect her or to ostracise Letty for her unacceptable actions. Instead tony feels he has to placate Letty and in front of the EBQ tells Amanda that he will punish her. She bumps into Nathan (the decent over seer )who kisses Amanda, but this is observed by the 'hero' and results in Tony having public exhibition sex with Letty on the balcony, before all and sundry. The next day Tony calls Amanda before him to punish her and he picks up his riding crop. No our a hole thinks now is the right time to chastise Amanda for kissing Nathan. Amanda goes to bathe in the river and is spotted by Tony who seeing her naked, seizes the moment. ( throughout the book no one seems to care and there is absolutely no CONCEPT of societal norms and the significant stigma and prejudice attached to illegitimacy) In the interim the EBQ sees her opportunity to brutalise the hapless heroine and she and her lecherous overseer arrive unannounced and haul Amanda to a post and proceed to whip her back ( the evil plan being to flay the skin from her back and then to mutilate her face). Amanda faints but is rescued by Nathan who spend the rest of the time telling her he loves her and begging her to marry him so that he can get her away from Tony ( yeh!!). Anyway she has a fall and the baby comes a month early which means that when Tony returns , he refuses to believe that the baby is his and declares that the h is a lying slut. Nathan takes the head staggers at Tony's unconscionable behaviour and leaves the plantation making it clear that he would buy the heroines papers and make an honest woman of her at any stage. Letty makes a reappearance and being the martyr that she is, our heroine declines to tell the a hole about the EBQ's actions. He allows Letty to have the run of his house and she spends her time abusing his staff or having sex with Tony as an endurance sport. Eventually he decides he will marry Letty after all come december and when The EBQ asks for amanda's indenture papers as a wedding gift, he thinks, what a great idea! When Amanda falls to her knees, begging him not to do this and swearing that he would be sentencing her and Jon to death, he then blackmails her, stating that he will only stand up to Letty and not hand over the papers, if the hapless heroine will strip then and there and let him have sex with her in the study and thereafter every night until his marriage. Francis is horrified and puts it bluntly ' my god, Tony, you've gone too far this time, she is a nursing mother, have you no conscience?' which pretty much sums it up, the answer clearly being NO!!! He takes the hapless heroine back to the house and when stripping her finally notices the scars on her back and the events with Letty come out. Being the gracious b that he is, he gives Amanda and Jon their old room back and then pops in to propose marriage, telling her that he will burn her papers what ever answer she gives ( this being BR land , what's the betting that this comes true anytime soon?). For once Amanda shows a bit of back bone and indicates that she needs time to consider as after all he has not exactly covered himself in glory so far and she's also wary of his susceptibility to the EBQ from hell. The EBQ returns just in time to interrupt the stupid F***wit from burning her papers and of course he announces his intentions to Letty and all but waves the envelope in her face. So of course he lets Letty stay given the imminent Indian attack and then leaves her in the house alone with Amanda and 3 female slaves. They capture Tony and Amanda and go to gang rape Amanda but are stopped by the fact it is her time of the month. Tony gets a bit fed up of lack of sex after a month and spends the next two weeks convincing the HH to give it up. The EBQ then strikes at Amanda by producing her papers of indenture and a forged bill of sale. She implements her evil evil plan by giving Amanda to one of the slaves for sex and threatening him that if he doesn't impregnate her within 2 months, he will be castrated. Letty is gleeful when she learns Amanda is pregnant and doesn't realise that it is Tony's baby. He goes on the rampage and kills Ben. Letty admits that she had tried to have him killed and gloats about the fact that Amanda will have a black baby. The EBQ decides that her husband isn't quite enough for her and blackmails Tony by threatening to utilise the indenture papers against Amanda unless he sleeps with her. To tell the husband That she has tried to kill him and blackmail him about the papers? To point out that as Tony is an Earl, his wife is a Countess and really he would like to buy the papers back... The a hole decides that he doesn't like the guilt and so takes all his anger out on Amanda.

I've finished it last night and the hero went from bad to worse in the end.

because ANYTHING could and DID happen.

The evil witch was über-evil (I liked this character in the book).

In addition to writing and traveling, Connie enjoys telling anyone who will listen about her three children and nine grandchildren, and sharing memories of her years living abroad in Europe and Asia as the wife of a career serviceman. In her spare time Connie enjoys reading, dancing, playing bridge and freshwater fishing with her husband.